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Astrostarcharts Astrology Charts

I have used astrology charts and horoscopes along with other kinds of psychic information as guides in my life for a long time.  I  trust the powers of readers who are gifted in astrology, psychic  intuition, numerology, and distant healing, and have used their advice from time to time for over 35 years.

In the past, I had a session every year or two by readers recommended by friends. In fact the last psychic reader I went to who used my astrology charts in her reading told me so many things about the man I would marry five years later that it was truly uncanny. She did not beat around the bush, and was very precise in what she said — even to the point of predicting I would marry a man younger than me who liked old trucks, and we would live in a log house on a piece of land with hardwoods and be within earshot of a distant train. All of this turned out to be true. I don’t believe you can get a reading any more accurate than that. I was living in a different part of the country then, and don’t remember her name or anything else about her, but I still have the recording she made.

My interest and enjoyment of astrology compelled me to find the best astrology program out there to share with others. One of the things that I really like about these computer based astrology reports is that they are easy to read and are totally understandable. Each report is a virtual book, so complete that any questions you might have had are already answered for you in your report. The cosmic pictures are in beautiful color with legends explaining all the symbols and glyphs.

I have been online for over ten years with a full range of astrology reports, and I am grateful for the many friends I’ve made. Many have been back for a second or third or forth report, or have emailed me to expect to hear from a friend they have referred.

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All of the astrology reports found here are reasonably priced. I do this by combining popular reports into packages to give a wide range of information. For instance, with most of the major astrology reports, a daily forecast report, a biorhythm chart and report as well as a horoscope are included. Turn around time is usually less than 24 hours after I have received all of your birth information.

These are our basic astrology charts and readings:

Astrology birth chart reports are basic astrology reports about how the placements of the planets in the skies when we were born effect us all of our lives from the largest to the smallest details – our family relationships, our love life, our individual attributes, our personality, our likely career choices, our temperaments and more. The report is a complete profile that is different for each person.

This is the one report I recommend for anyone about to enter a new relationship or maybe just wanting to know the details about what’s going on in any relationship – mother, father, sister, brother, friend. Compatibility reports explain what’s good and what needs some attention in relationships according to what the cosmic pictures show.

These children’s astrology reports are really great reports for parents. They gives that “helping hand” we all need in raising kids. Some people consider this the most important astrology report being offered today.

 If you have any interest in your spiritual development, you will get a lot of understanding about how your birth chart influences the spiritual path you take. I really enjoyed this report which I refer to quite often as I move along in my journey of spiritual enlightenment.

This is the report that gives you a daily forecast similar to the one so popular in newspapers and magazines — only it’s personalized for you. It forecasts happenings for tomorrow as well as the days afterwards. Lots of people like to have the 12-month report sent to them at the beginning of the year.

Natal wheels, are the pictures depicting the zodiac as it appear at the time of birth. They show with great accuracy the placements of the heavenly bodies including the sun, moon, planets and much more.

 This report is for anyone interested in karma, reincarnation and what it all means to you in this life. Edgar Caycee opened the doors to this in the 1940′s. Bridey Murphy made headlines in the 1960′s recalling her past lives.

Star*Charts’ astrology charts and profiles are easy to understand, and in plain English. The ancient wisdom of astrology is being appreciated and enjoyed by more people today than ever before. I am happy that we are beginning to realize that astrology could have a role in helping make important decisions.

Take the first step toward making changes in deciding how you want to live. Take care and give yourself an edge in life using astrology reports and charts.