Indoor Water Fountain – Relax and Remove Stress

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The belief in water and its connection to spirituality and enlightenment goes back through centuries. It is used in many cultures during spiritual rituals even today.  Water’s calming effect is used by many while meditating to release the mind from inner noises and distractions.  It is one of the best ways of allowing yourself to find and stay with your inner peace and tranquility.

An indoor water fountain can be any color, texture, material, size, and style, from the rustic to the most dramatic, sophisticated design that you could dream of.  Water fountains can be hand carved, custom designed, semi-mass produced, or you can make your own. They can be desktop, table top or floor models. Water fountains inside the home can be the large, shiny “center of attraction” types with or without lighting, or they can be quiet and low keyed, sitting in a corner. Or anywhere in between. The sound of water, whether it’s the ebb and flow of the ocean tide or the trickle of a meandering brook, brings peace and serenity to mind.

With so many indoor water fountain types available, the hardest part involved with having an indoor water fountain (or outdoor water fountain for that matter) becomes having to choose what fits your needs and your lifestyle and matching that particular style or color to its surroundings in a way that pleases YOUR senses.

Along with the how your indoor water fountain looks, care and thought have to be given to its placement in an area because of the noise level the falling water will produce. At best, the water falling should provide a background of tranquility, but certainly not be intrusive. The level of water falling sound is controlled by the size of the water fall itself – small fountains usually make less noise than larger ones. Also, the size of the pump, placement of the stones, shelves and other decoration play a part. The rate of water flow of the indoor water fountain also contributes to controlling the volume of the water’s sound.


Price as a Consideration

It is certainly worth noting that table top indoor water fountains are priced across the gambit — from cheap to very expensive.  The price can range from well under $100 to well over $1,000, so it is not unlikely that you could decide to have more than one in your home. You could have a small soothing table top indoor water fountain in your home office or bedroom as well as something larger and more showy like the copper wall and floor models which might complement your living room decor.

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Water Signs in Astrology

The astrological water signs are Cancer (cardinal, 4th house), Scorpio (fixed, 8th house) and Pisces (mutable, 12th house). The person in one of the watery astrology signs is known to be romantic, mysterious, intense, compassionate and possessing great depth,

Water is essential to our existence. It is referred to as “The Premier Mother of All Life” or the “Natural Mother” since all life comes from the water. Water makes up 70% of our body. Water assumes many forms and characteristics. It can be as calm as a gentle, softly falling rain or it can be as disastrous as an all engulfing raging flood. Those of us born under the influence of the watery signs can appear on the surface to be peaceful and placid. And still, like the depths of the oceans, there are ever changing currents.