This is an article about manifesting and creating your own reality. We all possess the ability to effect control over our lives and our environments more than we might be aware of. Learn more about how you can influence your thoughts and feelings to manifest for yourself in your daily life.

What Are You Thinking?

creating your own reality imageBy Kristen Lauter

Let’s say you have a magic genie at your disposal. And let’s assume they would actually allow you to have any wishes (not just three) come true for you in your life at this time. Take a moment to entertain the idea. What would you choose? Would it be power? How about happiness, health or possibly even abundance? Typically, for many people there is an initial excitement at the very onset of visualizing the attainment of their longtime dreams, goals and/or desires… then unfortunately for the average individual, a little negative thought may creep its way in and bam, nothing pans out. I’m sure you know the dialogue, ‘yes but, these wishes I have, well I’m only theoretically speaking’, or ‘this particular goal can’t possibly be attainable until far into my future’.  Rest assured, what I am about to reveal to you is the most powerful way to help you achieve practically anything your heart desires…and is based solely on this article’s title, What are you thinking?

What if I told you the process of attaining peace, prosperity, joy, happiness, health, abundance or anything you can possibly imagine is as simple as drawing in a breath of air, turning on a light…or smiling at your pet? What if I told you that access to this knowledge taught in ancient wisdom schools for eons and kept hidden from the masses is in our reach at this very moment and that the key lies right inside of each and every one of us? What if I said you didn’t have to have the brains of a scientist to be able to put these methods into practice this very instant? Would you believe what I’m telling you? At the very least, do you believe you are ready to learn exactly how to bring yourself into alignment with an omnipotent, omnipresent force which is ever ready and always willing to bring everything it is that you’ve ever imagined into your physical reality? If you are reading this article, I do wholeheartedly believe it is your time to find out just how easy it is to change your conditions, transform your problems into stepping stones of accomplishment, and recreate a life that you truly find worth living!

The simple truth is: we all have this ability and were simply never taught how to access it. Each of us holds the key to a door of unlimited potentiality…and can even attaincreating your own reality image dreams that have up until now remained unheard of. First of all, what you need to know is that each of us, similar to a ray of the sun is a microcosm of the macrocosm; an individual part of the universal cosmic intelligence of which we are all one with. Yet in order to attract the very life, conditions, people, places and events you seek, you must first learn how to align yourself with this universal mind and work in harmony with Natural Law.

How is this done? Very simply; know that our every thought within shapes and forms the reality without. It’s as simple as that however in order to really grasp why this works, we have to first look at how our conscious and subconscious mind relate to the universal.

Our conscious will (thoughts of intention), with concentrated effort on our part, eventually becomes automatic within the subconscious mind which in turn transforms into instinctual desire. What happens here is that we begin to have intuitive experiences associated with the vibration we are in tune with. This attunement is solely based upon what was previously programmed into subconscious mind, which is then sent out to universal to complete the transaction.  In other words, all we acquire without has it’s foundational seed first imagined within our consciousness. Once it is brought to the subconscious mind, this seed of thought begins to flower out and produce of it’s kind, according to Natural Law. When we acquire the ability to manifest in this manner, it is the result of an accumulative consciousness which by habit becomes second nature.


We are related to our world without thought through what we call the objective mind. The brain is the organ associated with this mind. The cerebro-spinal system of nerves allows our conscious mind to communicate with our physical being, which allow the associated bundle of nerves to respond to our physical senses. When we entertain a constructive thought and believe it to be a truth, these impulses follow a path throughout the cerebro-spinal nervous system sending messages to the entire body resulting in a wonderful and balanced feeling. If these thoughts are of discord, disharmony, and taken in as truth, they too follow the path through the cerebo-spinal system and send messages out to the body, which end up in the experience of ill feelings / disease or imbalance.  If we learn to go within to create intent, we can bypass the negative influences of the objective mind and learn to be in control of our outward conditions.

creating your own reality imageWith constructive thinking, as the messages are sent to each cell of the body, communication reaches down to the very core where DNA is stored, entering in as sort of a lock and key configuration which can in turn change the very structure of the physical body. Depending upon the nature of thought, our every function of the body, including hormone production can either be compromised or enhanced. This is an amazing find! When this happens and it is constructive, we experience physical strength and vitality, a sense of energy, light, and happiness. The body will react by producing what is needed in exact proportion to the messages sent. Destructive thinking brings about the opposite result of sickness, illness, loss of energy, or even lack etc.  The objective mind then, is contingent upon electrical fluctuations that are produced from thought which is centered around negative and positive signals. Since a thought is similar to a spark, it functions as a nucleus, attracting to it the corresponding electrical components of polarity which affect and become affected by the objective mind. When we create from the heart however, we are coming from a place of zero polarity, which means we are working on a higher level of manifestation and can then create rather quickly. *Thought, together with heart felt desire, in alignment with universal mind, manifests quickly!

The world without, as we said uses the objective mind, the world within is related to the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ associated with this mind; all functions such as respiration, cell reproduction, repair and other phenomena are carried out here. We are connected to universal mind through the subconscious mind. All we need to do in order to align ourselves with this infinite force, universal mind, is to have these two powerful centers work in conjunction with each other. With this simple knowledge we have the ability to consciously coordinate the objective and subjective minds and create exactly the environment we would like to experience.

creating your own reality

So the next time you have any thoughts of fear, worry, anguish, sadness, I trust you will immediately try to make yourself aware that they are popping up as a result of old programming. In order to unplug this program and incorporate a new one, we can simply begin by focusing on the new frame of reference, which can directly change your conditions without. It’s like driving a car or learning a new skill, you first must think about what you’re doing, consciously, then, as you continue to practice going over these thoughts and performing whatever correlating actions, they become impressed upon the subconscious and results in becoming second nature. So it is this way with all thoughts! If you wish have more happiness in your life, all you need do is adopt the happiness consciousness. If you want to become more knowledgeable, know that it is already within your grasp! Universal mind takes care of the minor little details such as how these things will be obtained, so you can busy yourself with impressing your intentions upon the subconscious.

Seeing is believing for many of our readers, so try an experiment at home, and see for yourself how easy it is to affect the world around you. If you are familiar with Mesaru Emoto’s work “Messages From Water”, you may already have tried this. We have recently and with much success.

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