Sample Past Lives Report

Past Lives Report
Jane Doe

by Bernie Ashman

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The Astrological Charts

Jane Doe

Jan 06, 1960

08:09:41 PM EST

Newark, NJ

074W10’22″, 40N44’08″














Planet Sign Position House House Cusps
Capricorn 15°Cp44′ 05th 01  27°Le32′
Aries 29°Ar53′ 09th 02  20°Vi18′
Capricorn 04°Cp07′ 05th 03  18°Li13′
Sagittarius 05°Sg37′ 04th 04  21°Sc18′
Sagittarius 24°Sg44′ 04th 05  26°Sg29′
Sagittarius 20°Sg03′ 04th 06  29°Cp08′
Capricorn 10°Cp10′ 05th 07  27°Aq32′
Leo 20°Le21′ R 12th 08  20°Pi18′
Scorpio 08°Sc49′ 03rd 09  18°Ar13′
Virgo 05°Vi57′ R 01st 10  21°Ta18′
Virgo 28°Vi24′ R 02nd 11  26°Ge29′
Taurus 21°Ta18′ 12  29°Ca08′


Past Lives Chart

Jan 06, 1960

08:09:41 PM EST

Newark, NJ

074W10’22″, 40N44’08″














Planet Sign Position House House Cusps
Capricorn 15°Cp44′ 08th 01  29°Ca08′
Aries 29°Ar53′ 04th 02  26°Ge29′
Capricorn 04°Cp07′ 08th 03  21°Ta18′
Sagittarius 05°Sg37′ 09th 04  18°Ar13′
Sagittarius 24°Sg44′ 09th 05  20°Pi18′
Sagittarius 20°Sg03′ 09th 06  27°Aq32′
Capricorn 10°Cp10′ 08th 07  29°Cp08′
Leo 20°Le21′ R 01st 08  26°Sg29′
Scorpio 08°Sc49′ 10th 09  21°Sc18′
Virgo 05°Vi57′ R 12th 10  18°Li13′
Virgo 28°Vi24′ R 11th 11  20°Vi18′
Libra 18°Li13′ 12  27°Le32′



Welcome to your Past Life report. Whereas the birthchart is a symbolic road map describing your current life, the Past Lives chart is a blueprint of your previous incarnations. The pages that follow will help shed some light on themes related to your past life instincts. First, let’s talk about reincarnation which is the belief that the current incarnation (as depicted by our birthchart) is linked to the lives that we have previously led. This collection of past influences points to particular experiences you might encounter again so that you can further your growth and fully develop your creative potential. These past impressions go far in shaping many of our current thoughts and choices. There are certain gifts a person seems to possess right  out of the womb! It’s as though destiny or fate leads one to realize these attributes. Of course, we still have to show ambition and make the effort in order to keep our dreams alive. This report may give confirmation to talents that you already know you have or open your eyes to ones that you have yet to discover.

Our past lives are alive and well in our consciousness. This may already be apparent to you. But on the other hand, these experiences can lie beyond the threshold of our conscious mind’s awareness. What is doing the remembering, if our mind isn’t? Call it your soul, higher consciousness or whatever explanation feels right to you.

Have you ever heard about karma, that great law of cause and effect? An old timeless saying sums up the whole process: “You reap what you sow.” There are actions and thoughts that defined us in other lives, or have guided us to where we are in the present. They don’t really exert any control over us. We have freedom of choice. That’s a strong message to remember when reading this report.

Also, don’t panic if you read something that says you were not a perfect person. Nobody is in the current one! Use the report as a learning tool. The idea is to keep developing and evolving. It’s balancing the cosmic rhythm of past and present that presents each of us with a challenge. Do we respond positively or negatively? With hope or doubt? Many of our tendencies are linked to previous incarnations. Certain patterns have likely been by our side over many lifetimes. As we grow and expand our awareness, it becomes very possible to step beyond the trappings of past life baggage.

No doubt you will read various sections that seem to contradict each other. Each could be true about you. It’s important to realize that many different dimensions of ourselves live within us. Each of us is composed of memories from so many past lives, combined with an assortment of ways we have learned to deal with reality in this life, that make us complex beings. See which descriptions ring true to you as you read through the following pages. You will notice some traits described have a repeating theme.

I hope you find this report an enjoyable ride into your past life instincts and thought patterns. They are somewhere in your consciousness. Perhaps some of what you read will strike a familiar chord. After all, these pages are all about your past life loves, creative pursuits, adventures, travels, highs and lows, over many lifetimes. Happy navigating!

The Past Life Chart Structure

Some technical explanations about the Past Life chart (if you detest technical discussions, then skip this paragraph and jump right into the report!). The Ascendant in this chart starts with the sign on the cusp of the 12th house, instead of the traditional method of using the sign on the 1st house cusp, which is the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Also, the Past Life birthchart houses are counted clockwise, rather than the conventional way of counterclockwise. In other words, since the 12th house becomes the Ascendant, the sign on the cusp of the 11th house now begins the 2nd house, etc., around the chart wheel. What is considered the Ascendant or 1st house in the traditional chart becomes the 12th in the Past Life chart. Your planets remain in the same sign placements, but now occupy different houses, in this new chart. The planets in signs are interpreted in your report from a past lives perspective.

Something interesting to consider in thinking of the houses in a clockwise direction, they are actually now moving in the same direction as the Nodes of the Moon. As you will read in the report the Moon’s nodes are strong past life or karmic points in a chart. Their retrograde motion is clockwise meaning they share the same life biorhythms as the houses of the Past Life chart. By traveling backward, or clockwise, through the houses, you are being regressed back into a past life analysis. Enjoy your ride down memory filled lanes!


The Passport

In this section are the first, middle and last names of your Past Lives astrological identity, the Sun, Moon, and Past Lives Ascendant. Each of these three building blocks will be discussed as to how they actively shaped many of your former lives. But before you meet these three key players, you will start your tour through memory lane with the North Node of the Moon. The North Node contains a special message about what was your overall life purpose.  It was a constant rhythm pulsating in your consciousness to keep you on target toward your true purposes. It was a celestial compass trying to guide you to walk your talk with greater clarity. So sit back, and enjoy reading your past lives primer.

Node in Virgo


You had a history of compulsively trying to perform efficiently. One of your key impulses was a desire for order. Your soul was normally anxious to reincarnate, anticipating excitedly the chance to master the roles that called to you. The archetypal theme for your destiny was to be an energizer. A crucial lesson was not to overuse your conscious mind to the exclusion of your intuition, as this caused you to miss out on some of life’s magical moments. Developing your skills elevated your self-confidence. You were thorough in what you enjoyed doing. Though anxiously overdoing something wreaked havoc on your nervous system. You relied heavily on your analytical ability.

It was refreshing when you let your inner instincts guide you. You were able to tune into a higher frequency containing many of your gifts. A trickster was not to set your standards so high they couldn’t be met by you or anyone else. Having unattainable objectives frustrated you. Finding a way to balance worrying over the details with relying on your intuitive power was a key to your happiness. You were sensitive about something in your life being out of place. You enjoyed getting a chance to excel in demonstrating your ability and in serving causes that enlarged your presence in the world. A dedication to diet and health along with a love for the arts was felt right down to your bones.

Node in 11th house


What types of activities did you participate in that furthered your soul growth? It was most definitely when you shot a full throttle in expressing your individuality. You did need to exercise caution in not squashing the self-expression of others. When feeling the incredible creative power within, you were a source of strength for others and enjoyed a wide array of accomplishments. A common concern was “how can I continue marching to my own drum?” When you didn’t grow overly demanding in always having to get your own way, or when you didn’t too easily surrender your independence, you managed to stay out of karma’s way. What sorts of experiences motivated you? Whatever gave you a sense of freedom was quite an enticing force. You leaped with enthusiasm when getting opportunities to show your uniqueness. Progressive trends electrified your imagination. Your energy levels peaked when getting to express your inventiveness. Following a unique sense of direction separated you from the mainstream occasionally. Maintaining a clear picture of your goals kept you on track, as much as becoming too fixated on your own purposes created considerable distance from those closest to you. Somewhere always hiding in the caverns of your memory banks was an innovative instinct mixed with a tinge of great will power. When using this wisely and insightfully, life was colored with a constant array of surprising events and interesting companions.

Sun: Creativity, Ego, Self-expression

Sun in Capricorn:


The sign of Capricorn, the goat, lighted the early-winter astrological skies at your birth into this life. Let’s explore what significance this had in regard to your past lives. In traditional astrology the keyword phrase for Capricorn is “I build”. You had a repeating pattern tied to ambition. Slowly and methodically putting together a plan for success was a regular theme. You were usually someone seeking the structure that allowed you to feel secure. Change wasn’t really a welcome sight in past incarnations unless you were the one controlling it.

Archetypes for Capricorn include the leader, authority figure and self-reliant one. You normally attracted responsibility early in life. The sooner you realized that you couldn’t always be in control, the happier you were.

The cosmic principle at work through many of your past incarnations was a reality oriented mind. This doesn’t mean you never had a good time. You didn’t trust possibility as much as the definite. Leadership roles influenced you to get good at managing your time. It was less stressful when you learned how to delegate. People tended to trust that you would do a job with conscientious effort. You found ego strength through gaining respect for the commitment you put into whatever roles you chose. Fear of failure was the greatest shadow. It held you back a time or two. You came into this life solarized through a sign promoting focus. This was a theme that ran throughout your incarnations and was a key to self-mastery. It was when you acted with flexibility and even a teaspoon of vulnerability that good fortune smiled upon you.

Sun in 8th house


You had solar power firing right into your emotional intensity in previous lives. Figuring out how to either share or split your assets with others was a key theme. You didn’t trust just anyone with your belongings or your feelings. Your creative vitality picked up steam as you came into your own strength. You had to deal with those jealous of your victories and success. Then again, you could covet what others had gained. You liked living in the extreme because it made you keep your edge. Pride was experienced when reaching your goals through figuring out how to beat the odds. You were quite the problem-solver, when you wanted to be. Nobody talked you into doing things you were against.

If there was a challenge, it was either overusing, or giving away your power too easily. Manipulating didn’t make others like you. However, trusting the wrong people didn’t do much for you either. Authentic personal power based on facing your own shadows was liberating. You were deep. A probing type that walked along the back alleys of societal taboos while many chose to stay near mainstream acceptance.  Researching and investigating were talents. Lovers preferred you to be passionate but not so demanding. The world responded positively to you when showing some degree of feeling, but not as warmly when turning everything into a game plan. Your self-expression eventually came forward when you trusted you had what it took. Loyal partners really helped pave the way for your confident belief in yourself. You tended to process the past in a contemplative way, if you weren’t trying to bury it. You found fulfillment when you achieved self-mastery in roles that were of your own choosing.

Moon: Sense of Security, Roots, Feelings

Moon in Aries:


You were lunarized at birth through the sign of Aries. What does this say about your past life tendencies? An instinctual fighting spirit allowed you to survive calamities and dilemmas. The family ancestries in past lives were linked by a pioneering spirit. You searched your soul for the courage to act decisively.

Your inner landscapes were colored with a restless atmosphere for adventure.  Competition pumped you with a feisty attitude. There were lives where you lacked the backbone of your convictions. A lack of initiative or just plain fear kept you from boldly displaying your true self. You usually incarnated with a sense of urgency to move forward. Patience never came easy. Channeling anger constructively was the sign of true wisdom. As you matured, and found your true paths, the powers of concentration were cultivated. You preferred individuals who knew how to take care of themselves.

You never had a feeling of extreme permanence in many lives about where you resided. Moving seems to have fit your need to look for opportunities. Finding a location that satisfied your sense of adventure was foremost in your mind. Your subconscious called to you to seek those experiences that gave you a strong sense of identity and purpose.

Moon in 4th house


You had intuitive power when it came to survival in past lives.  A sixth sense for knowing how to preserve your sense of well being was highly developed. You instinctually knew how to time a change so that it would give you a greater sense of security. It wasn’t that you relished giving up what you had, especially if you liked your lifestyle, only that you wanted to be ready to ride out any potential upheavals. Part of you always feared the worst in order to be able to accept the harshest reality. Family concerns played a major role. First and foremost, you loved feeling needed! Being a caretaker or nurturer was a role in which you were often cast.

Home was something you treated as sacred ground. You had territorial needs that had to be respected by others. Your loyalty to those you loved was a stabilizing factor. Your moods were a barometer of your feelings. Turbulent emotions could find you vacillating from smiles to frowns quickly. An inner feeling to break free from the expectations of those from your past did surface occasionally. Dealing with controlling authority figures was usually when this tendency was the strongest. You repeatedly lived in locations offering comfort, safety and by all means, privacy.

Ascendant: Persona, Identity, Calling Card

Cancer on Ascendant:


With the sign Cancer as your past lives Ascendant, a search for a sense of security frequently colored your incarnations. You were very attached to your home. When you became bonded to a location or home, it took a lot to pry you loose. You moved fast when needing to preserve your sense of security. You were not the easiest person to get to know. On the surface you seemed rather flowing, but behind that outer show of cool was a tendency to proceed slowly. You looked out at the world with cautious eyes. People perceived you in past lives as a very private person. Your inner world was complex. People saw you as a bit secretive. You revealed your secret agendas to those who won your trust or admiration. Honoring your family ancestry was a heartfelt desire.  You frequently looked at the world through eyes that wished to preserve the past. You initiated actions spontaneously when you became fired up over an idea. When you were the catalyst for change, you moved faster than when you were attempting to adjust to changes imposed upon you. You had a need to be with people not afraid to feel deeply. You usually looked for those closest to you to give their support when you needed to meet life’s challenges. Remembering to take the time to be happy and appreciate the present was something you always needed to learn.


The Quest

Mercury: Communication, Perceptions and Logic

Mercury in Capricorn


You were Mercurialized at birth through the sign of Capricorn pointing to pragmatic mental impulses in past lives. Your communication style was business-like and thorough.

You had a sense of the bottom line quickly after entering a negotiation. A too serious disposition did alienate people. You needed to exercise care that a failure didn’t cause you to become depressed. There was a tendency to become too attached to success. Managing your time efficiently did allow you to get a lot done faster than most.

A lack of flexible thinking caused you to have communication difficulties. When you spoke with conviction and listened with an ear of sincerity, others warmed up to you in a hurry. You had a mental toughness that didn’t let obstacles stop you. Your mental outlook was brighter when you took the time to enjoy the moment and found the confidence to try new endeavors.

Mercury in 8th house


Your perceptions moved gingerly, carefully assessing the decisions lying in front of you. Life was often viewed as a series of challenges. You intensely looked out at the world, your penetrating gaze trying to delve deeply into the inner working of things. Your mind was investigative, with a great desire to research your favorite subjects. A bit of a detective you were. Sometimes you outsmarted yourself through trying to manipulate the outcome of situations. Trust was not all that easy in love relationships or even with friends. However, when you did manage to get close to someone the bond in many instances went on for years.

Communication was not so forthcoming. You kept many secrets. When you wanted to talk to the depths of someone’s psyche, you could do it. There were interests that you weren’t comfortable telling the world about. Many thought you somewhat mysterious, and even intriguing.  You read moods quite well and often knew just what to say to get your own way. You had introspective periods that made you not easy to figure out. Power struggles did result if you pushed too much for your own ideas to the detriment of others. Your paths needed to provide plenty of intensity or you grew restless. You created friction to make life more exciting.

Venus: Relationships, Values, Comfort.

Venus in Sagittarius


With the love goddess adorning you through the sign of Sagittarius at birth, you came from past lives where you repeatedly found love in places far from birth. Many people experienced you as symbolizing free-spiritedness and adaptability. Your social instincts were shaded with a hue of a talkative, entertaining storyteller, yet there was an unmistakably deep philosopher peering out from deep within you.

The ideal soul mate could change course with you in a flash, setting sails for seas of high adventure. You were attracted to lovers with openness to new learning and with a romantic heart. You liked those willing to forgive you when you put your foot in your mouth. There was an innocence about you that either made your friends like you or think you too naive. You often tempted fate with a reckless decision, and there were times when you relied on luck a little too much. It must be said, just for the record, you often got away with taking risks due to your belief that the universe would make you a winner.

You liked learning and showing your intelligence. The counselor and advisor in you made you popular. You usually had an above average understanding of law. Ethics and honesty were valued. When you were tolerant of belief systems outside of your own turf, you did expand your horizons in very beneficial ways. You saw yourself as more of a citizen of the world than belonging to any particular nationality or village. There was loyalty to your friends and lovers. You didn’t like to plant roots unless it was absolutely necessary. Your romantic fulfillment depended heavily on linking with like-minded, fun-loving souls, with one bag always packed for that next exhilarating odyssey.

Venus in 9th house


You were adventurous when interacting socially, never really feeling you had met a stranger. There was a sense of wonder about you, causing people to think you a dreamer. You did venture beyond safe home borders to test the waters of the unknown. You were a positive force in relationships, igniting others to act on faith. Outgoing sorts attracted you as much as your friendly style brought them to you. Meeting lovers or friends through travel occurred often. Foreign lands called strongly to you. In a way you felt like a citizen that didn’t really belong to one nationality or region of the world. When you found allegiance to a belief system, you professed its rights and rituals openly.

Some accused you of not following through on your promises, while you explained this as being distracted by so many roads in front of you. Your peers experienced you to be idealistic and fun. They themselves usually were spontaneous in their own right if they had hopes of keeping up with you. Friends usually had a similar philosophical outlook or at least could tolerate the differences. Delayed gratification wasn’t your first impulse.  You needed to watch out for investing heavily on get rich schemes, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. You could be generous to a fault. A balanced perspective regarding limits had to be learned. You were attached to freedom. When individuals acknowledged your need to roam you felt valued. Helping those you loved achieve greater self-confidence meant a lot to you.

Mars: Assertion, Courage, Identity

Mars in Sagittarius


What would a warrior planet in the fiery sign of Sagittarius mean regarding your past lives? You were a restless adventurer. Sitting still and waiting for life to happen to you wasn’t your style. Fighting for your beliefs was a regular pattern. You liked to travel, even along unexplored territories. Finding those back trails made you excited. Your initiating impulse was accelerated when chasing your romanticized dreams. You needed idealism to keep fueling your drive. Taking risks that others feared to try did cause you various injuries and loss. A competitive streak developed when someone was trying to outsmart you.

Your identity was strengthened through incorporating the beliefs and knowledge of those living beyond your home territory. People found you to be an energizing force in inspiring them to be all they could be. Impatience did cause you to get easily angered. Those betraying your trust weren’t always forgiven as honesty meant much to you. Learning to steer clear of hasty judgements did make you easier to tolerate. You didn’t find sitting in a classroom as much fun as learning through exploring. Your concentration grew strong when your interest was captured. Religion and spirituality at times found you a devote practitioner. Though you sometimes let individuals know they were hypocrites when you thought them not practicing what they preached. When you moved with an acceptance for differences and with a clear vision of the future, life seemed more generous.

Mars in 9th house


You took initiative when it came to adventurous risk-taking. Waiting for life to come to you wasn’t your way. Your adrenaline got pumping through chasing after the distant horizons that promised excitement and expansive opportunities. A competitive side came forward when someone tried to out argue you. Fighting to defend what you believed in was done fervently and was a repeating pattern. Your faith in an idea or philosophy wasn’t intimidated easily by the critics. What made you become territorial? It was due to people trying to force their way of thinking on you. Your own mental freedom was off limits to those trespassing. Those closest to you did grow upset if you became too dogmatic or judgmental. Agreeing to disagree did work wonders.

Impatience caused you to repeat mistakes. Failing to slow down and think first got you into trouble. Becoming aware of the big picture made you see the turns in the road a little quicker. Assertiveness wasn’t much of a problem unless you got really confused. Ordinarily you didn’t hesitate to speak up for what you needed. Getting too aggressive and plundering occurred if you lost your perspective. Overall you won applause for your enterprising ways. Anger was spontaneous, fast and furious. It was better to let you vent because you were then so much easier to reason with.

Jupiter: Knowledge, Expansion, Philosophy, Travel

Jupiter in Sagittarius


Having Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in the sign of Sagittarius indicates that you were enthusiastic about new adventures. A gypsy, free-spirited soul you were! You chose to expand your potential through education and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Knowledge was godlike in your perspective. Learning made you feel like you were soaring high above the crowd. It was important for you to find your own unique destiny, no matter where this took you.  In many lives you were as nomadic as they came. You were luckier than most. Why? Maybe it was that undying faith in positive outcomes. Or perhaps it was that captivating way of talking. You were a fish out of water when lacking confidence. You assumed it was your birthright to know things always worked out for the best. Blind faith and making ridiculous promises got the world mad at you. When you became too argumentative for your own truths, lovers and friends turned away until you became more accepting. You often were just the lift others needed to be around. Your restless spirit danced circles around the more complacent. You didn’t want to rest for too long, fearing you could miss the next door of opportunity. When maintaining a broad perspective you more easily could see your way through the trees without losing the inherent beauty of the forest.

Jupiter in 9th house


A positive and enterprising outlook influenced you to seek expansive truths that kept the door open to a never-ending search for adventure. All roads led to Rome was a mantra. You tended to bite off more than you could chew. Promising too much in the form of overconfidence occurred.  The urge to see life from various perspectives caused you to delay in concentrating on any one path. Spontaneity was a life force in your eyes. You had definite opinions about right and wrong. You were likeable when not judgmental. Writing and speaking were powerful tools in your hands. Preaching what you believed either won you approval or met with considerable resistance by those disagreeing. Travel for pleasure or learning, were equally enjoyed. You liked becoming intoxicated by the people and scenery of distant places. People became energized by your innocent enthusiasm. You feared growing old in mind, more than you worried about the physical. Luck smiled favorably upon you when you were willing to act on your beliefs. Good fortune came through not blindly following in other’s footsteps, and in not losing sight of the trees by concentrating too much on the forest.


The Journey

Saturn: Ambition, Seriousness, Focus, Responsibility

Saturn in Capricorn


Ambition came through you in a very focused way, says your past lives history, with Saturn in the sobering sign of Capricorn. Being a success was a driving force. Discipline was pretty much accepted as a way of life. Delayed gratification seemed worth it if you could eventually attain desired aims. You learned a lot about responsibility early in life. When you took your time with small steps, you usually got a job done. Your greatest fear was vulnerability. Letting others know you were down wasn’t your style. Reputation meant much to you. You wanted to be known as Mr. or Ms. Reliable.

A karmic shadow was a rigid all knowing attitude. When you left room for others to express their opinions, life was certainly more harmonious. It was important to make time for play. Sadness sometimes surfaced in you, if you were too much the loner, allowing little chance for a social life. You often defined yourself through long-term dedication to a profession, and as someone people could trust to do the right thing.

Saturn in 8th house


What was your main focus? It was personal empowerment, whether through wealth or partnerships. Balancing dependency needs was a key to happiness. You consistently asked at crucial points during an incarnation: how do I secure my position of power? Survival instincts were usually strong. Determining just how close to live near the edge gave you a sense of control. Rigidity in negotiation sometimes produced karmic woes. The antidote was greater flexibility in this area, that is, when you were determined not to repeat the same old lessons you needed to learn. You sometimes hid your true agendas due to a lack of trust. When becoming dictatorial people didn’t like you. Business savvy was at your fingertips.

A shadow was difficulty trusting anyone. When you did draw close, you were quite loyal. Clear definition regarding what belonged to you was a definite need. You learned it was important to manage your time wisely. You eventually were hungry for self-mastery. Conquering irrational fears was liberating. A major redefining occurred in lifetimes that was associated with rebirth, or a sense of renewal. Channeling negatives into positives was a type of transformation. Wisdom came through forgiveness, and in not holding prolonged grudges.

Uranus: Individuality, Goals, Uniqueness, Freedom

Uranus in Leo


You had a tendency to react dramatically about future goals, which indicates Uranus in the sign Leo. Your mind did switch to fast forward when imagining how to express yourself creatively. People couldn’t help but notice your ideas, as they often were communicated in a lively manner. You didn’t excel in seeing how to include others in major decisions, but did do better with practice.

Inventiveness was a trait that made you proud of yourself. If others didn’t openly show their appreciation for your original ideas, you did grow quite upset. You inspired people to make the most of their talents. Even lovers benefited from your ability to see where they may have had hidden ability. Maintaining a sense of direction made you feel that the world was your oyster and that surely the love and rewards you sought would find you.

Uranus in 1st house


In what way were you unconventional? It was in terms of your identity and personal style. This was how you often reinvented yourself and found the courage to have futuristic vision. Ideas shot through you like heat seeking missiles. They followed the minds of others until penetrating their targets. You were impulsive in putting your goals into action. As a matter of fact, you felt stuck at step one when lacking a sense of direction. Being independent was spontaneous. You were quite outspoken for personal autonomy. Doing the same routines never made your day a memorable experience. Variety in all of its wonderful shapes and forms was your first choice. You didn’t normally consider the consequences of your actions. You weren’t one to compromise your freedom, which incidentally was your lifeline. You needed more latitude than many to seek self-discovery. You became inventive when you broke the shackles of your own self-doubts.

Neptune: Idealism, Romanticism, Intuition, Dreams, Escapism

Neptune in Scorpio


You believed in ideals that spoke to the passion within you.

Your idealism was awakened through finding symbols that gave you a sense of rebirth. Crisis situations were the catalyst that made you use your intuition. The mystical forces of the universe often spoke to and through you. It was not unusual for you to go on silent retreats where you went into deep meditative experiences. Romance had its highs and lows. Balancing the extremes was important. You liked passionate relationships with a bit of mystery surrounding them. Though eventually you often looked for a comforting bond. A lack of trust caused you emotional upheavals. It was reassuring when you found a lover understanding your innermost needs.

A major challenge was addiction to love, sex, and other forms of escape. This isn’t saying you always fell into these behaviors. When you found the clarity and strength to channel this intensity positively, life was more enjoyable. You wanted from the deepest part of your soul to create a life that reflected your self-mastery. You had strong dedication to those you loved and a determination to show the world your talents. You found transcendental growth through dealing with unfinished business from the past, and walking forcefully toward the challenges you instinctually knew would scare and fulfill you at the same time.

Neptune in 10th house


In what way were you extra intuitive? It was in regard to knowing how to perform roles, whether it was in the area of occupation, parent or leader. You were sensitive about being seen as doing great work. Though this doesn’t mean you always could tune into this information or desired to. Glamorous professions or ones that could potentially bring fame mesmerized you. The strange thing is that so did causes that paid little other than emotional satisfaction. This duality existed side by side in many of your lifetimes. Your idealism encouraged you to try things that many wouldn’t go near.

A test was not being swayed by too many opposing loyalties. In the end, this led to dreadful consequences. Your spirituality had a way of solidifying your strength. What was the biggest challenge? It was how you reacted to failure or not meeting your own expectations. Drowning your sorrows in the wrong things wasn’t the answer. Another side of this coin was being afraid to make your abilities visible, as in stage fright. Faith transformed your denial into greater self-acceptance, and not to ask others to be too perfect. You searched for a purpose that gave you a clear awareness of reality.

Pluto: Personal Power, Self-mastery, Rebirth, Loss, Passion

Pluto in Virgo


Empowering yourself through using analytical ability was a past lives tendency. Perfection drove you on to try to do great things. Being reasonable in your expectations was wise. Extreme worry was sometimes a downfall. Curbing this tendency did make you happier and allowed for greater productivity. Charisma was exhibited through working forcefully at whatever you made your life mission. Escaping into projects made you less nervous. There was a habit of putting your heart and soul into a cause.

There was a shadow. What was it? Criticism. You could spot if something was out of place in a second. You did at times overly pick apart yourself or others. When you got this one under control, good fortune was never far away. Self-mastery was discovered through deciphering the ways to work smarter rather than harder. You found rebirth or a sense of fulfillment when overcoming negative thought patterns, and seeing that altered perceptions were truly miracles.

Pluto in 12th house


How did you go about seeking personal empowerment? You followed your idealism as far as it would take you. Acting on faith made you suddenly stronger than you thought. A renewed sense of purpose was discovered through falling in love with a person or a cause. You had high expectations of life that weren’t always easy to meet. Romance did take you out of the doldrums and onto higher plateaus. Your survival skills became activated when people were trying to take away your dreams. This was hands-off territory. Without hope, you were as lost as they came. You depended heavily on lovers and friends for inspiration. A powerful self-examination manifested when you lost a lover or your idealism was crushed. It was then that you had to rally all of your strength to move forward. A compulsive tendency to grow addicted to a lover, or to a substance, threw your life out of balance and got you to ask thought-provoking questions. A shadow frequently followed you into incarnations connected to losing yourself in various escapes. A lack of well-defined boundaries caused confusion in relationships. When you did some reality testing and got grounded, you found greater harmony.



You have already been introduced to the ten planets. Certain planetary pairs in your chart have a special relationship to one another due to particular angular distances separating them, known as aspects. You could say the two planets in an aspect travel and interact together along the same circuit. The following aspects will be listed under five types. Two are known as the soft aspects: the sextile (60 degrees) and trine (120 degrees). These two aspects generally point to more gentle themes, and therefore will describe past life trends that went very well for you. They indicate a lower voltage of electricity and produced less friction in your mind and through your actions. The planets involved in a trine or sextile are more likely to talk about areas where you flowed without much effort.

The more hard or intense aspects are the conjunction (0 degrees), square (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees). They required your best understanding in past lives. Planets that are part of an intense aspect you will notice often indicate lessons that must be learned, and follow us from one incarnation into another until we get them in balance. These higher voltage aspects don’t mean the planets operated negatively, only that there was much more force behind them. “Soft” does not mean good and “intense” does not imply bad. It is often the more intense aspects that deepen our soul growth, that is, if we learn how to use their power wisely. If we don’t it’s like taking one step forward and three back.

It might be helpful to keep some keywords in mind for the aspects. The sextile represents Excitation and Eagerness. The planets in this aspect give clues as to how their energies worked in a stimulating way through you. The trine is a special Harmony. The two planets involved show you were confident of their interacting energies. The conjunction is where two planets are joined at the hip. There is a Fusion or powerful blending of these energies. The square can reveal where you encountered Friction. Pay special attention to these aspects in particular because they denote themes that are strong past patterns. Squares ask us to resolve their conflict by finding creative outlets. The opposition requires a Balancing act. It is similar to a seesaw. Gaining objective awareness about each planet is a key. Remember, it was usually the most intense aspects that stretched you the most in past lives.

Moon trine Mercury


Stress was not something you wanted that close to you. This doesn’t mean you were not hard working. On the contrary you had the sense to know what was worth getting upset about in the first place. You did occasionally forget to put yourself first for extended time periods, but managed to pick good people to be close to you.

Moon trine Mars


Tuning into your anger helped you steer clear of causing trouble. You preferred people that didn’t make themselves a disruptive nuisance. You might have been emotionally intense, but this wasn’t so easily seen. You liked competition because it awakened your drive. It wasn’t the winning that was as important as the momentum it created. You didn’t mind challenges as long as they fit neatly into your life.

Moon square Ascendant


You were an emotional force in the lives of those you loved, sometimes more than they wanted. Stormy moods made clear thinking a real challenge. You either cared too much or were accused of ignoring those closest to you. Being as changeable as the moon’s phases in one day is what upset a few individuals. A restless urgency to go where you wouldn’t miss out on growth-opportunities is what caused to move often. Logic wasn’t necessarily your main tool when in a stressful conflict. Toning down your response time did avoid a few embarrassing situations. Then again, it was occasionally the people you leaned on that were unpredictable, lacking stability. When you escaped from unstable circumstances you felt more in control as well as rooted, and lighter in worry.

Sun conjunct Saturn


You were all business when you needed to be. Determining where to put your best effort was challenging. How you dealt with success and failure was a key to happiness. Celebrating the milestones was a pleasant relief because it meant all of your hard work paid off. It was rejection that dampened your spirits, sometimes causing depression. Issues with your father followed you from one incarnation to another. It doesn’t mean this was always a bad relationship, only that it was a sensitive one. Professional ambition was a big player. The work ethic was intense. A slow steady effort toward your desired aims clicked. Fear is what got in the way, the kind that chills us to the bone. Overcoming anxiety about displaying your ability was vital to realizing your happiness. You had power when you tapped into your strength. Trying to prove something to others never really was all that productive. You were not the best in revealing your feelings or in delegating jobs to others. When you relaxed into the roles you enjoyed, life was flowing. Wisdom came from learning through experiences. The wise use of power kept you free from many unnecessary struggles.

Sun square Midheaven


What you wanted to accomplish wasn’t always what others had planned for you to do. Clashes with authority figures started early. You had creative power that didn’t stop until you finished what you started, that is, if you loved what you were doing. Fighting to preserve your status or jockeying for greater societal position was a pattern. Leadership bored you if there was little challenge or stress. You liked to showoff your talent. If your ego got inflated, you weren’t much fun. Patience didn’t come in bunches, unless you were convinced delayed gratification was worth the wait. You were a force to be reckoned with when setting your sights on a game plan. Competitors challenged your power regularly. Those closest to you drew nearer when you demonstrated humility. Knowing when to be vulnerable as differentiated from the times to be a mountain, reflected true wisdom.

Mercury conjunct Saturn


Serious thinking became a dominant force usually before you knew it. You were capable of long-term focus that enabled you to accomplish very difficult tasks. If you managed not to try to overly control situations they were more enjoyable. Business perceptions were very strong and accurate. If you were terribly disappointed over a failure or rejection, depression often resulted. Getting through this dilemma took patience and it didn’t hurt if there were helpful allies. You always needed to be careful in demanding success according to a rigid plan. Flexibility was the best policy. Being your own person required you to break free from the rules established by others.

Mercury trine Pluto


You had a relaxed mental outlook that wasn’t afraid to face adversity. Your ideas could be intense but didn’t threaten someone’s own thinking that directly. You liked figuring out puzzles and mysteries. If you got too fixated on one worry it did at times make you forgetful. But for the most part, you were very aware of what was going on around you.

Mercury square Node


You usually worried every step of the way. However, this doesn’t mean you had no fun. As a matter of fact, you were intense about being successful. It would have been easier without the worry. Enjoying the journey was something that had to be repeated like a mantra. Being a workaholic occurred if you had no other outlets. A powerful mental fortitude got you though some tough challenges. You made a good problem solver. If you grew overly critical others didn’t like you. Learning how to keep perfection from driving you crazy was important. You could obsess over details. Although, you did occasionally throw up your hands in disgust and live more carefree. Communication breakdowns happened when you didn’t tolerate different points of view, or you were harshly being criticized. It was a deep respect for learning that took you down those exhilarating roads, you know, those winding ones that surprised your curious side.

Venus square Pluto


Wow! Relationships pushed you to the limits. Passion was big. You attracted powerful individuals more often than not. Power struggles were not uncommon. You had to fight to keep from being controlled. Possessiveness and manipulation came between you and others. You were happiest when at least a minimum degree of trust was established. Loyalty was strong when you found someone worth going through emotional turmoil for. A rebirth of sorts occurred when you channeled destructive energy into more productive pursuits. Getting a handle on compulsive desires was empowering. You needed a strong partner to deal with your moods. Though sometimes it was just as much a lover with explosive emotional outbursts. You frequently got stronger after surviving losses and setbacks. This awakened a drive to get on with your life. Gaining emotional stability was a test.

Mars conjunct Jupiter


Energy came in bunches when you were inspired. A restless sort you were, that needed plenty to do. Fighting for your truths and ethics was a way of life. Patience didn’t come without a struggle. Rash judgments taught you that it was better to think before acting. When serving broad visions, you had less regret than preaching those narrow ones. You weren’t one to hide your intentions. A pioneering instinct took you on search of new adventures. It was your bravery that was admired as much as your dedication to your beliefs. You tended to get angry when staring into the face of hypocrisy.

Mars trine Uranus


A propensity to sense the future goals that would keep you motivated was part of your nature. You sometimes needed encouragement before really believing you had talent. Your closest friends benefited from your fiery spark of enthusiasm. There was good fortune in often not needing to fight for freedom as life generously provided you with great latitude. Though it was important not to take this for granted.

Mars square Node


When you veered too far from the right paths, life slapped you in the face. It was a wake up call. When walking your talk, clearly the conflict wasn’t as abrupt. Living in extremes could occur before you knew what happened. You had a tendency to move fast instinctively, which sometimes worked beautifully. There were occasions when you had to retrace your steps due to lack of foresight. You caused many of your battles through unconscious actions that infuriated others. Though in all fairness, even when you were as clear as the brightest sunshiny day, enemies challenged your strength. There were lives where you withdrew from struggles. The burnout or exhaustion was replaced with a revitalized self. You had a knack for sensing danger on the horizon. This made you better prepared to defend yourself. A spiritual awakening changed you drastically making you desire to take a burning intensity to a higher level of expression.

Jupiter trine Uranus


Thoughts about the future came without much notice, as a matter of fact it is more accurate to say there was a steady stream of them. You needed goals as badly as a fish must have water. Your philosophy was “live, and let live.” You needed plenty of breathing room but weren’t really a disruptive force. In many ways your ideas served to unify or rally others around them. You enjoyed being exposed to various learning environments. Progressive thinking invigorated your mind.

Saturn trine Pluto


There was wisdom shown in being patient. If there was lack of ambition it was due to thinking that something just wasn’t worth the effort. You usually conserved your energies quite well. You were smooth as a negotiator. Good common sense took you far. Taking life’s ups and downs in an even keel manner made for happier times.

Just as the Ascendant in the Passport section that began this report was described as a sign serving a special purpose, each of the other eleven houses has a sign that helps define its meaning. What follows is a trip through each of the other past lives houses or environments to give you a view of additional characteristics. First are listed the keywords for each house.

2nd House: Comfort, values, money, ownership.

Gemini on 2nd House:


A tendency to find multiple ways to earn a living was a reality.  Your mind was always considered to be your most valuable resource. You didn’t like to have your choices forced down your throat. Mental determination came forward when you discovered a life purpose.  An unwillingness or inability to be disciplined frustrated you and others. Developing shortcuts that saved time and money served you well in your past. You admired those individuals able to concretely express their ideas. When people listened to your concepts it won your heart. People who thought before they acted made you feel more at ease with them.

3rd House: Perceptions, learning, communication, insight.

Taurus on 3rd house:


Slow and calm thinking was what you favored. You often displayed a relaxed demeanor in the midst of intense negotiations. Flexibility wasn’t always your strong suit. You got into problems when refusing to change directions even though storms were visible in the nearby horizon. Patience though still tipped the scales of good fortune your way more often than not. You didn’t like for people to rush your thinking. They were met with a stubborn resistance when pushing too hard. You respected people showing sound logic.

4th House: Home, security, nurturing, roots.

Aries on 4th house:


Moving frequently colored past incarnations.  There was an inner restlessness that got you going. An adventurous streak led you to strike out in new directions. You tended to be impatient at times with those you loved. However, your emotional intensity in showing you cared often won their hearts. Your inner motivation to be successful needed to stay inspired through adventurous challenges.

5th House: Self-expression, creativity, confidence, romance, risk-taking.

Pisces on 5th house:


You had fun with creativity. Whatever roles you chose, drama was never far behind. Your intuitive energies came forward powerfully when you let them do so. A fear of expressing your ideals held back your creative power. A lack of self-confidence had to be overcome if it was interfering with you showing that light hidden under the bushel. Finding the ego strength to make your dreams come true was essential. You often gave more than you received. It wasn’t easy to set limits. Keeping realistic expectations kept you in balance. You liked falling in love as it gave you creative stimulation. A tendency to overly idealize those you loved had to be kept reasonable. You found inner peace when courageously putting your beliefs into action.

6th House: Learning skills, work environment, perfection, diet, health.

Aquarius on 6th house:


You didn’t like to get bogged down by the ordinary details. You did your best to sidestep them. Sometimes you lived for learning new skills. Work environments that challenged you mentally kept you interested. A tendency to quickly outgrow situations kept you moving from one form of work to another. When you didn’t beat to your own drum, you got real nervous and even accident-prone. Your mind tested reality to see if it could pave the way for a more interesting future. You were not as happy when letting others talk you out of your most important goals. When you did get situated and find the right niches, you could express a very focused mind. Settling for less occurred due to a lack of confidence related to being critiqued by the wrong people. When you trusted your instincts to act, rather than to think only, you were successful beyond measure.

7th House: Relationships, marriage, partnerships, social awareness.

Capricorn on 7th house:


You preferred relationships that were stable. Trust didn’t come easily, but with time, you did manage to warm up to your fair share of mates. Time was your ally in romance because you needed this to deepen your commitments. You didn’t impulsively rush into partnerships. Your love relationships got out of balance if you treated someone too businesslike, rather than as a lover. When you exhibited a cold personality it was more out of fear. Some of your partners were a bit reserved. You chose to live alone at times because this made it easier than trying to please someone. A resistance to a lover’s need for new experiences did cause tension. There were times when a lack of flexibility in a lover put considerable pressure on you. You did sometimes learn that trying to control others didn’t bring them closer. People that didn’t let your seriousness bother them often became your friends. Your bark was louder than your bite. Finding ways to stay playful kept your relationships longer lasting. Balanced dependency needs was important to the stability of a partnership.

8th House: Power, joint resources, rebirth, passion, self-mastery.

Sagittarius on 8th house:


You preferred generous partners. Trust was something you worshiped. This meant you didn’t have much use for those betraying you. You cut people a lot of slack until they hung themselves. You had deep convictions about your beliefs. You had luck in the nick of time to escape close calls. Avoiding dangerous situations through following spontaneous instincts kept you free of harm’s way. The exception was when you carelessly overlooked the odds. Life went better when you tolerated the freedom needs of others. There was a tendency to be overly idealistic. Reality testing helped.

9th House: travel, learning, philosophy, knowledge, optimism.

Scorpio on 9th house:


You were passionate about your beliefs. Fighting to the death to preserve them was a reality. It was your faith that often made or broke your opportunities. You had a high standard for morals, and yet every once in a while, you liked to indulge in whatever the taboo of the day might have been. When you lacked confidence, your world stood still. In those magic moments when you rose above self-doubt, mountains could be moved. A stubborn conviction about knowing the truth was a blessing or a curse. The blessing found you guided by clearly defined rules and ethics. The curse was expressing a strong dislike for those not living up to your dogmatic opinions. You liked in-depth studying rather than skimming the surface. Facts that had no real substance didn’t impress you. Your philosophy about life was fairly reality based. You valued honesty and integrity. When you were betrayed it took you a while to get over it. Your follow through intensified as you discovered the avenues that best expressed your talents.

10th House: Professions, ambition, leadership, focus, commitments.

Libra on 10th house:


You worked extensively with the public. Knowing what you wanted to do professionally tested your wits. Making up your mind which paths to explore challenged you greatly. There were times when your ambition went to sleep. Either you couldn’t get focused or the effort didn’t seem worth the trouble. When you did find your niche, you impressed people with your dedication. You certainly possessed great diplomatic skills.  Being able to mediate disputes between opposing factions was something else you did well. Stress in your profession was never all that desirable. You might have had to put up with a bit of heat to reach a goal, but your preference was a more relaxed atmosphere.

11th house: Goals, individuality, freedom, inventive, progressive, unique.

Virgo on 11th house:


You looked carefully before leaping. The future worried you, unless it looked real user-friendly. It wasn’t easy to express your uniqueness for fear of ridicule. When you overcame what other people might say, you shot a full throttle toward your favorite aspirations. You were motivated more by what was reasonable to achieve than what was mere fantasy. A methodological planning of each step along the way was how you approached a goal. Friends and lovers grew impatient with your being too careful. When you became bored with routines was when you displayed rebellious and unpredictable favors. People either loved or detested you for this. You were a happier person when your self-expectations showed commonsense.

12th house: Idealism, intuition, escape, faith, beliefs.

Leo on 12th house:


You were in love with your causes. It wasn’t like you to do things halfway. A true romantic you often were. Finding a soul mate sharing your heartfelt need for self-expression was a constant factor. It was important that you didn’t overly exaggerate your potential. Promising more than you could deliver did cause a few embarrassing situations. Falling in love with individuals pretending to admire you was another past lives theme. It usually became apparent to you, sooner or later, that not everyone could be trusted when it came to matters of the heart. You tuned into your intuitive nature in two ways. One was when you were madly in love. The other being when you passionately expressed your creativity. It was when you ignored that there were physical limits that your body suffered. Your will power to live boldly could compensate for occasional bad judgment. You had a habit of not wanting to hear the word no when you were determined to go ahead with a plan. You did impress people when with fiery enthusiasm, spontaneously putting an ideal into action. Although a lack of ego strength did cause you to lack the courage to take on a new challenge. When you transcended this tendency, you reclaimed your creative power.

Planets in actuality never really move backward, but can appear to do so. This is referred to as retrograde motion, and as you will read has special past life meaning surrounding a particular planet’s symbolism. The following are planets that were moving retrograde at your birth with a description as to how this played out for you in other incarnations.

Uranus Retrograde:


It was a repeating pattern that you had unique goals, reserved just for you. When you didn’t do this, life lacked meaning. When you solely served your own purposes this caused quite a ruffle in the feathers of those you loved and cared about. Finding the midstream worked the best regarding these two extremes of sacrifice and doing your own thing. Your ideas sent shock waves at times when individuals or collective bodies didn’t like the message. You did sometimes tap into a collective trend before it became in vogue. It did make you nervous about how you might be judged. Many ideas were kept internalized until you were sure the coast was clear and safe enough to present the notions. Were you ever more outwardly disruptive? For sure! This usually occurred when you were so aroused by injustices or thinking restrictions imposed upon you. There was a need to perceive with fore thought, which fights were worth the struggle. Being different just to be different or starting conflicts with no purpose, were ways you took many steps in the wrong direction. Listening to cues from the universe on which directions promised accelerated growth was wise. Your vision of the future was as strong as the ability to remember what gave your imagination an electrifying sensation. Patience took effort!

Pluto retrograde:


It was a repeating pattern to know your way around Intensity Street. In some lives you were overpowering. In others, you didn’t usurp enough power. Having a sense of empowerment was crucial to reaching self-mastery. Survival instincts you possessed. Being emotionally intense was a past pattern. Learning to communicate your feelings made you easier to understand. Self-honesty was liberating but it was a test to admit your faults. Defensiveness had to be conquered.  You didn’t believe in going halfway when exploring a subject. Compulsive lusts for riches and leadership sometimes brought out your worst manipulative traits. You were happier when feeling inwardly secure and having allies that you could trust. You had to beware of an urge to win at all costs. You found rebirth through not fearing your own shadows, and being big enough not to run from those you loved. You processed experiences long after they occurred, revisiting the past often, healed when able to embrace forgiveness.

Hopefully you have enjoyed your tour through this report. Remember that astrology’s language is a great teacher. There are many other reports that you can explore.