Sample Horoscope Compatibility 2

The Relationship Between

James Chart


Jane Chart

The Astrological Charts

James Chart
Feb 25, 1948
05:33:00 PM PST +08:00
Los Angeles,CA
118W14’34″ 34N03’08″
Placidus House System

Planet Sign Position House House Cusps
Sun Pisces 06°Pi22′ 07th 01 04°Vi41′
Moon Virgo 25°Vi20′ 01st 02 29°Vi51′
Mercury Aquarius 24°Aq19′ R 06th 03 29°Li19′
Venus Aries 16°Ar58′ 08th 04 01°Sg56′
Mars Leo 24°Le39′ R 12th 05 05°Cp02′
Jupiter Sagittarius 25°Sg23′ 04th 06 06°Aq16′
Saturn Leo 17°Le54′ R 12th 07 04°Pi41′
Uranus Gemini 22°Ge07′ R 10th 08 29°Pi51′
Neptune Libra 12°Li31′ R 02nd 09 29°Ar19′
Pluto Leo 13°Le15′ R 12th 10 01°Ge56′
Midheaven Gemini 01°Ge56′ 09th 11 05°Ca02′
Ascendant Virgo 04°Vi41′ 12th 12 06°Le16′

Jane Chart
Jun 30, 1950
01:28:27 PM EST +05:00
078W44’55″ 42N25’59″
Placidus House System

Planet Sign Position House House Cusps
Sun Cancer 08°Ca23′ 09th 01 20°Li44′
Moon Capricorn 21°Cp09′ 03rd 02 18°Sc06′
Mercury Gemini 26°Ge14′ 09th 03 19°Sg52′
Venus Gemini 03°Ge54′ 08th 04 24°Cp41′
Mars Libra 07°Li55′ 12th 05 28°Aq13′
Jupiter Pisces 07°Pi26′ R 05th 06 27°Pi05′
Saturn Virgo 14°Vi22′ 11th 07 20°Ar44′
Uranus Cancer 05°Ca24′ 09th 08 18°Ta06′
Neptune Libra 14°Li35′ 12th 09 19°Ge52′
Pluto Leo 16°Le38′ 10th 10 24°Ca41′
Midheaven Cancer 24°Ca41′ 10th 11 28°Le13′
Ascendant Libra 20°Li44′ 12th 12 27°Vi05′

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Astrological Compatibility

Astrologically, each individual is represented by a chart of the planets and houses at the moment of his birth. By comparing and contrasting the interrelationships of two separate charts, the astrologer can reveal the many ways and many levels that two people relate with each other. This is the astrological art of synastry as it has been practiced for several thousand years.

This report analyzes each of the two selected charts and interprets the astrological connections between them. The charts’ data, along with planetary positions and house cusps, are printed on the previous page. There are four possible sections to this report, two for each of the charts. Any one of them, or all four of them, will be included here depending on which were requested. For each individual the two possible sections are: 1) How this person approaches relationships. This section considers only the one chart, and is appropriate for all relationships this individual makes. 2) How this person relates specifically with the second person. Here each paragraph interprets a contact between the two charts from one chart’s point of view. The text here pertains to this one relationship only, and should be understood in light of the actual nature of the relationship.

Remember that every relationship contains points of similarity and harmony as well as points of conflict and discord. Through understanding, it is possible to cultivate and encourage the positive and harmonious, and keep relationships growing and fruitful through the highs and lows of the passing years.


Report for James Chart
How You Approach Relationships

You’re a demon for details. There is no question in anyone’s mind that you have got it all together, at least from an organizational standpoint. You are indeed cool, calm, and collected. Yet there is something missing. You yearn for contact and involvement. You need something to do and someone to care for. Talk about loving punishment — you feel responsible for just about everyone, and tend to end up with some pretty hopeless cases. And we’re talking major dreamers here. You can’t resist them — the woolier, the better. They need your help and can’t seem to help themselves. The funny part is that you love it, and them!

Pisces on 7th Cusp

You have a penchant for dreamers, mystics, and the highly imaginative. You love to get carried away romantically, and your friends may find you are unrealistic and often disappointed. You like love right out of a romance novel, complete with a sense of mystery and otherworldliness. You value imagination in a lover, and probably love movies and music.

Neptune Ruler of 7th

Who you know, your public life, and your image are very important to you. You tend to involve yourself in relationships with authority figures and respected members of the community. This includes business partners as well as lovers. You take marriage, partnerships, and all relationships very seriously.

Sun in 7th House

Report for James Chart
Strengths in your relationships

You really know how to pace yourself and seldom waste a moment or a move. It would be difficult for you not to be a success at anything you choose to do. Career problems seldom last long or prove very difficult. Others remark on your creative energy, great drive, and the fact that you never seem to let up. It all runs so smoothly. You may be moved to work with the law, publishing, education — any field where you have an opportunity to guide and educate others.

Mars Trine Jupiter (orb: 00 43′)

You dote on responsibility, and love to bring order and discipline to anything (or anyone) you are involved with. You wouldn’t be caught dead in an extravagant display, not because you are a cheapskate, but because of your natural love of thrift and economy. Family and loved ones get first class care and service. Others will value you for these qualities. You probably love to work.

Venus Trine Saturn (orb: 00 56′)

You are a great problem-solver, and can always think of a way to do almost anything. Your friends know you to be fair, and your integrity is unquestionable. You may find yourself interested in legal matters, publishing, philosophical and religious subjects, and would make a good teacher or instructor. Scientific investigation would interest you.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter (orb: 01 03′)

An original thinker, perhaps an inventor. You have a very sharp mind, capable of real insight. You are always thinking of new ways to do things or a new use for something. You are great at finding solutions for existing problems where others have run out of ideas. Almost anything can be turned to an advantage, once you put your mind to it. Communication of all kinds, especially computers, electronics, and the new technology, is right up your alley.

Mercury Trine Uranus (orb: 02 12′)

You have a real drive to discover or invent things. You are always pushing the envelope, going the limit. You know it is at the leading edge where all the real breaks occur. You are fascinated by what is happening in technology and communications. Others find you original and nonconventional, especially in your love life. You have your own very original idea of love, emotions, and marriage. You march to a different drummer when it comes to relationships.

Mars Sextile Uranus (orb: 02 32′)

A passionate one. You love it when a crisis emerges and threatens to shatter the normal routine, because you yearn for a chance to undergo really profound changes. You’re like the survivalists who wish the world would stop pretending and get down to the nitty-gritty. Fiercely loyal, you would rather see a relationship through hell and high water than abandon it. You delight in emotional confrontation, intense conversations, and secrets of all kinds.

Venus Trine Pluto (orb: 03 42′)

You are very skilled and exhibit great artistry in whatever you do. Your work is always well organized and efficiently produced. You are driven to accept more and more responsibility, which is not a burden to you. This is a sign of excellent managerial ability. You’re in it for the long haul and are a good example of what real discipline looks like.

Mars Conjunction Saturn (orb: 06 45′)

A born lover. You feel right at home with your emotions, and others can’t help but remark at your bright, cheery attitude. People like to be around you because you are very expressive and always quick to reveal when you like someone or something. You seldom hide what you are feeling. A love relationship is a real necessity for you and you seldom are without one. You are at home with your sexuality.

Venus Trine Mars (orb: 07 42′)

Report for James Chart
Challenges in your relationships

You may have to cut your own way when it comes to a career, for you may not always get the kind of support you need from others. The result may be that you end up with a very unusual vocation. Probably not much interested in working with the public, either. Your partner will have to understand that you are not likely to follow the crowd, and be willing to let you find your own way. Getting things started and off the ground may be harder for you than for most.

Moon Square Jupiter (orb: 00 02′)

You really put a lot of feeling in what you say. Others sense in you high energy and a certain tension that’s always there. You have a quick mind, an even sharper tongue, and God help anyone who is foolish enough to try arguing with you. You tend toward impatience and irritability. Those who are close to you know that you often bitterly regret what you may blurt out in an instant.

Mercury Opposition Mars (orb: 00 20′)

You are unconventional, at the expense of your own popularity. You did not care to follow in the footsteps of a traditional upbringing, and you may have left some very disappointed parents behind as you set out on your own. Independence and originality for you have been almost a private thing. You have sought it out despite the occasional disapproval of the status-quo. You may be restless and move around a lot. Your desire for personal freedom has always gone against the majority.

Moon Square Uranus (orb: 03 13′)

Everyone who comes to know you will remark on your high ideals. You are indeed a beautiful soul, and you probably suffer many disappointments. Friends may see you as unrealistic and otherworldly, afraid to put your dreams to the bitter test of life and actuality. Those close to you may feel that your continual disappointments are a deception on your part, a refusal to face life.

Venus Opposition Neptune (orb: 04 26′)

Everyone would agree that you make a good critic, although not everyone would agree that you are always fair. You don’t like opposition. In conversations, you may find yourself squelching others’ points of view. You have great mental endurance and tend to involve yourself in projects that most would find tedious. You like repetitive work.

Mercury Opposition Saturn (orb: 06 25′)

Report for James Chart
Your Relationship with Jane Chart

There is an odd sense of joy when you are around Jane. You feel confident and creative. There is often this sense of discovering yourself when the two of you are together. You tend to feel more protective and sensitive to animals, younger people, and children. You can be very emotional and expressive with Jane, and things tend to have a fresh, new quality. It is hard not to feel that all of this is good.

Her Moon in Your Fifth House

The two of you probably met as part of a group that shared some common interest. Jane struck you as a peer, an equal who shared perhaps the same new-age way of seeing things that you do. You have both had the same vision, a common dream, and probably share a mutual resolve to see that those dreams happen. There is a sense of a brave new world about this friendship. The two of you standing on the edge of the future. She represents the way you feel relationships should be. There is a feeling of doing the right thing, what ought to be done, even at the expense of a little warmth.

Her Sun in Your Eleventh House

Jane is someone you will value for her practical and pragmatic outlook on life. You may come to depend on her advice regarding your career, or work. She can put into words ways and ideas of doing things that may better help you manage your own business. Here would be a good business partner too, one whose speaking and writing skills could prove of great value and use.

Her Mercury in Your Tenth House

You always end up being the authority when the two of you get together. She has a true appreciation for your skills and abilities. In Jane’s eyes, you have the wisdom and practical good sense that she yearns for. There is a tendency for her to assume the role of a student or apprentice. She can’t help but promote your stature and career, and loves to be seen in public with you. You are an important figure in her life.

Her Venus in Your Tenth House

Jane could be a positive asset when it comes to business and financial concerns. She can provide drive and may push you to improve yourself, make more money, etc. There is incentive here for you to respond to whatever opportunities may be latent in your situation. You may become more active in this regard as a result of this relationship. Money and possessions get a boost. The relationship may involve some jealousy and possessiveness.

Her Mars in Your Second House

Jane may have been the means for you to meet many new people in your life. You like to be in the public and feel social when you are with her. She makes it easy for you to respond to others, understand them, and share in the common experience of life. She could be instrumental in leading you into a career involving the public or bringing your current career into greater public attention. There is a real sense of comradery with you two.

Her Jupiter in Your Seventh House

A more serious relationship than others. There could be almost a parental tone, for she can’t help but function as an authority figure of one sort or another. You may feel that she is a party pooper, tends to stifle how you come across, and puts restrictions on you. There is sure to be a strong effect when the two of you get together. At the very least, she will serve to temper and shape your approach to life. A good tie if you need discipline.

Her Saturn in Your First House

Jane has the capacity for introducing you to radically new goals and groups of people. Perhaps through her you will meet a whole new set of friends, or be part of a group working on a new-age project. You may come to have a completely new idea of your fellow man, of brotherhood, and all of that stuff. She has radical ways of seeing things. All this may come as quite a surprise to you and may upset the traditional apple cart. She is anything but boring.

Her Uranus in Your Eleventh House

No matter how dreamily romantic this relationship feels, it could have a very real quality if it extends to your finances or resources. Jane is an idealist of the first water and may not have the practical experience needed to make decisions involving money and property. She has the very best intentions, but you could experience a sense of loss through her. Better to enjoy her company and let the loss be all the petty details of life, rather than some real investments.

Her Neptune in Your Second House

She may exercise an enormous influence on how you view your role in life. Your whole idea of what you are here for and what it is to be human may be transformed. Jane has a way of separating the wheat from the chaff and getting right to the heart of things. Through knowing her, you may find yourself going through deep changes in attitude, discovering more compassion, self-sacrifice, and patience. She will put you in touch with the saint in yourself.

Her Pluto in Your Twelfth House

Report for James Chart
Strengths in your relationship with Jane Chart

You tend to love her passionate nature. She knows this, and that you appreciate her need for self-analysis and confrontation. Your relationship may be very intense, but always exciting. Things are seldom dull.

Your Venus Trine Her Pluto (orb: 00 20′)

You both have an understanding that she is a little different and likes her independence. This is not a problem. She brings some excitement and adventure to your life, and may be restless and on the go. She may introduce you to unusual friends and situations.

Your Sun Trine Her Uranus (orb: 00 59′)

Jane may be one of your most valuable assets and have a great influence on your career and life direction. Through her support you may succeed in finding solutions to many a problem. You work well together and would make good partners.

Your Sun Conjunction Her Jupiter (orb: 01 03′)

Jane is probably adept at putting some of your ambitions into words. You can see that she understands your feelings and what motivates you. This makes for many highly spirited exchanges.

Your Mars Sextile Her Mercury (orb: 01 34′)

Talk, talk, talk. You both love to do it. You both understand each other so well that words are hardly necessary. There is a real sense of shared ideas — a common mind.

Your Mercury Trine Her Mercury (orb: 01 54′)

This is an easygoing relationship with plenty of give and take on both sides and very little friction. There is a tendency to identify with one another, and you both have a great deal in common.

Your Sun Trine Her Sun (orb: 02 00′)

There is real mutual support here. You tend to have similar emotions and are very understanding of each other’s feelings. If anything there might be too much of a good thing, and you could get bogged down in the relationship. For the most part though, this is a very nice state of affairs.

Your Moon Trine Her Moon (orb: 04 11′)

You are wholeheartedly supportive of Jane’s values and ideals. You are her best fan. She is always appreciative of your feelings and moods, with the result that you feel very much valued. This is a very nice arrangement.

Your Moon Trine Her Venus (orb: 08 34′)

Report for James Chart
Challenges in your relationship with Jane Chart

From time to time there may be some hard feelings and harsh words between you. You may not feel like talking, or find that you can’t support a lot of what she is saying. She may not be able to understand how you feel, and resents your attitude.

Your Moon Square Her Mercury (orb: 00 54′)

There is this sense of the unromantic. She may feel that you don’t value her ideals and don’t support her dreams. You may find her unrealistic and may not appreciate “escapism” on her part.

Your Venus Opposition Her Neptune (orb: 02 23′)

You may feel that Jane may not always appreciate you enough and that she purposely doesn’t give credit where credit is due. You may act and do things that go against her set of values.

Your Sun Square Her Venus (orb: 02 28′)

There may be some hurt feelings on Jane’s part because she feels unappreciated by you. You don’t always give her the credit that she feels she is due. She may refuse to give you the kind of support and nurturing that you’re looking for. You both tend to be at loggerheads over this.

Your Venus Square Her Moon (orb: 04 11′)

There may be some problems due to a lack of communication. There is an unwillingness on your part to discuss Jane’s changes (what she is going through). You may prefer not to not comment on sensitive issues, instead of the constant rehash. The resulting confrontations may be hectic and intense.

Your Mercury Opposition Her Pluto (orb: 07 41′)

You may find her influence limiting and even oppressive at times. She may tend to cling to you, and there is this sense of never being able to really get going. There may be authority problems. She may view you as harsh or restrictive.

Your Sun Opposition Her Saturn (orb: 07 59′)

You may not like many things about Jane, and she may feel that you refuse to give her credit or to recognize her values and ideas. She has a way of going on, with or without your approval. There is a kind of stalemate.

Your Venus Square Her Sun (orb: 08 35′)

Report for Jane Chart
How You Approach Relationships

You’re a real smoothie, refined and ever so facile when it comes to handling other people — a diplomat. And yet — despite all of this apparent calm — you like your partners anything but cool. You can’t resist impulsive and action-oriented people — the more daring, the better. You bring out the recklessness in those you love, and you love it. Although at first meeting one might never suspect this, you love to walk on the wild side.

Aries on 7th Cusp

Relationships tend to be hot and heavy. You are drawn to partners who are aggressive, assertive, and very emotional. Independence and adventure are things you value in others. You tend to depend on your partners to get you motivated and keep you moving. You need someone who is stimulating emotionally.

Mars Ruler of 7th

Report for Jane Chart
Strengths in your relationships

You have an uncanny sense of justice coupled with an innate ability to interpret the law, whether manmade or natural. This may manifest thru your showing others the way thru, or beyond, the problems in their lives. A practical sense of how to manipulate the opportunities that appear in life. Just plain luck! A natural love for those with more experience or authority. A teacher, or benefactor, is likely.

Sun Trine Jupiter (orb: 00 57′)

You love whatever is new or different, and breakthrough flashes of original insight are typical. You could invent something, and you have a natural love for communication and new-age technology. You appreciate independence and originality in others, especially in a partner, and may tend to have unusual friends who are very likely male. You like to keep things spontaneous.

Sun Conjunction Uranus (orb: 02 59′)

A born lover. You feel right at home with your emotions, and others can’t help but remark at your bright, cheery attitude. People like to be around you because you are very expressive and always quick to reveal when you like someone or something. You seldom hide what you are feeling. A love relationship is a real necessity for you and you seldom are without one. You are at home with your sexuality.

Venus Trine Mars (orb: 04 01′)

A real love of science and natural laws. You are a hard and tireless worker with absolute determination and the ability to carry great projects through to completion. Always the protector to all those you come to know, you tend to have long and secure relationships. Since you are a natural conservative, those older than yourself (authority figures) tend to benefit you.

Sun Sextile Saturn (orb: 05 59′)

You are, from time to time, really inspired to the point of moving others with your enthusiasms. You exercise an almost hypnotic quality over those who listen in when your imagination takes over. Dreams, psychology, and all things occult and metaphysical are your especial province. You’re never afraid to take the plunge when matters of idealism or imagination come to the fore. You feel and experience the unity of life — that we are all in some way, one. Others sense this about you.

Mars Conjunction Neptune (orb: 06 40′)

Others soon learn how responsible you are, and that they can depend on you for real support. Sure, you are perhaps a little too organized and run more cool than hot, but you really do care and never let your friends down. Whatever you do is built upon a solid foundation, and that includes relationships. Too serious? Aloof? Perhaps, but you are loyal, dependable, and don’t enter into relationships lightly.

Moon Trine Saturn (orb: 06 47′)

Report for Jane Chart
Challenges in your relationships

Others sense in you the presence of much energy, almost a tension. You may tend to have trouble just relaxing and find yourself always on the go, doing things. This aggressiveness could lead to undue competition and striving. You may have a sense that you can’t always trust your drive and feelings. There also could be a tendency to buck authority, in particular, powerful men.

Sun Square Mars (orb: 00 28′)

You have a real temper and are prone to sudden outbursts. You insist on being independent, having your own way, and sometimes this is against your own best interests. You’re either fast and furious, or not there at all. A gentle partner who can forgive, and most of all forget, would be a blessing. A lot of this stems from the insecurity you have concerning your emotional life.

Mars Square Uranus (orb: 02 32′)

The last of the big spenders! You are by no means conservative, and overindulgence of all kinds is sort of second nature. You tend to ignore the realities of life in favor of the perks. This may bring you hard up against natural or human law, again and again. No one can accuse you of lacking ambition. The straight and narrow is unappealing to you. You would rather range along the fringe. A nonconformist.

Venus Square Jupiter (orb: 03 31′)

You may have a fear of taking the plunge, letting go. Perhaps you are hesitant to trust your vision or your dreams, lest they overpower your day-to-day routine. As for relationships, you tend to worry about being deceived. There is tension present as to just how much you dare trust your more mystical side. Perhaps you have been disappointed by authority figures, more due to your over-idealizing them than to their own faults.

Sun Square Neptune (orb: 06 12′)

You may choose to pursue a dreamy idealism at the expense of more mundane concerns. Somehow you always manage to pit your ideals against the actual reality of the situation. Is it escapism or vision? Probably some of both. You will need a partner who can bring things into focus without shattering your gentle dream world. There may have been some rather harsh realities connected to your upbringing. You may find yourself putting the feminine principle on a pedestal.

Moon Square Neptune (orb: 06 34′)

Report for Jane Chart
Your Relationship with James Chart

In James you sense that here is someone who instinctively understands and is supportive of your deepest hopes and dreams — all that is best in you. You were probably good friends right from the start, and this friendship may be more important to you than any love relationship that develops. You both could be part of a group or a cause, and matters of conscience and ideals are something that you both can get behind. When you are with him, your more altruistic ambitions and aims seem to come to the fore.

His Moon in Your Eleventh House

Here is a real playmate, a lover in all the traditional sense of that word. James really gets those creative juices bubbling, and through him you discover artistic tendencies you never knew you had. You might even write a poem or two. There is a first blush and sense of mutual discovery in this relationship. Through knowing him you have become more self-expressive, more active. There is a growing sense of self-confidence and pride in yourself that you gain from this relationship. There is a good feeling to this relationship.

His Sun in Your Fifth House

You may get together with James to talk about home and family, and sending down roots. His ideas are down-to-earth and settling, and you find this a relief from all the jet-set kind of conversation that is the norm. He seems almost like a family member, and you feel good when the two of you are together. He always manages to remind you of the virtues of a simple life, without all the fancy stuff. You may learn of property or housing arrangements through him.

His Mercury in Your Fourth House

He appreciates your sense of duty and concern for others. Time spent together tends to enhance these qualities in you. You may not have known how much you care about life and other people before you met. You find yourself taking better care of yourself, by attending to the details and odds & ends of your life. He values you for your more conservative qualities and tends to see you as painstaking and particular when it comes to attending to details.

His Venus in Your Sixth House

James is on a one-person campaign to bolster your career and public image. He seems to know which way you are headed and wants to give you a boost in that direction. He is very ambitious when it comes to your career and is always pushing to improve your prospects. Although this can be tiresome, and you may not always be in the mood for improvement, it is mostly beneficial. He really does know what he is doing.

His Mars in Your Tenth House

Conversations with James are more than just stimulating. You find them instructive, producing solutions to questions that you may have wondered about for years. He seems to have a knack for guiding you in just the right direction. You admire his mind and good judgment. He may encourage you to speak, write, and in some way communicate to a fuller extent.

His Jupiter in Your Third House

He may help to crystalize your career goals. His no-nonsense approach could make or break you. He has a natural sense of authority that you respect and might confuse with a parental figure. If you need discipline in career direction, good. If not, you may find this relationship disappointing and even depressing. You will always get good advice, perhaps not warmth and appreciation.

His Saturn in Your Tenth House

James could be a teacher for you — sort of a life teacher or guide. Not what you would call a tranquil relationship, it may be subject to fits and starts. When you are with him, you may experience real insight into the nature of life — spiritual ideas. He has unusual and possibly quite radical views of religion. His approach is what is so different. It is possible that through him you discovered an entirely new way of looking at your life and the world. It’s on again, off again.

His Uranus in Your Ninth House

This relationship is potentially a very useful one. Through James you get a real sense of self-sacrifice and working for the benefit of all mankind. You may be swept up in an almost dreamlike state, able to be very forgiving and understanding. You may feel a little saintlike. On the down side, the whole thing can find you carried away to the point of neglecting the realities of life. You might give all your possessions away. Who knows if that would be a good or a bad thing?

His Neptune in Your Twelfth House

James exercises a very powerful influence over you, one that could change your career. Here is someone who knows more about what you ought to be doing with your life and career than you do, and he is not afraid to let you know about it. From the first time you met, he probably jumped right into your business and started making suggestions — and they were right on the money. The net result is that you may go through a major transformation as to what you do with your life through knowing him.

His Pluto in Your Tenth House

Report for Jane Chart
Strengths in your relationship with James Chart

He is a real driving wheel for you when it comes to your writing and speaking skills. He can push you to be more articulate, even eloquent, than would otherwise be the case. Conversations with James are always wordy and animated, at least from your end. You may find it easy to put his feelings into words.

Your Mercury Sextile His Mars (orb: 01 34′)

Talk, talk, talk. You both love to do it. You both understand each other so well that words are hardly necessary. There is a real sense of shared ideas — a common mind.

Your Mercury Trine His Mercury (orb: 01 54′)

This is an easygoing relationship with plenty of give and take on both sides and very little friction. There is a tendency to identify with one another, and you both have a great deal in common.

Your Sun Trine His Sun (orb: 02 00′)

Conversations with James are always interesting, and he stimulates you to new and different ways of seeing things. He finds your mind fascinating and unusual. You may introduce him to new ideas and concepts.

Your Mercury Conjunction His Uranus (orb: 04 07′)

There is real mutual support here. You tend to have similar emotions and are very understanding of each other’s feelings. If anything there might be too much of a good thing, and you could get bogged down in the relationship. For the most part though, this is a very nice state of affairs.

Your Moon Trine His Moon (orb: 04 11′)

The two of you may have a strong interest in the arts, music, and film. This could be a business relationship. Your emotional rapport may have an almost otherworldly quality about it. You could be a very moving force as a team when it comes to matters pertaining to the imagination, psychology, metaphysics, etc.

Your Mars Conjunction His Neptune (orb: 04 36′)

This is about as close to a mutual admiration society as any two are likely to get. James is very supportive of your values and ideals. You might even feed on this. You have always felt simple admiration and love for him. You just like the way he feels.

Your Venus Trine His Moon (orb: 08 34′)

Report for Jane Chart
Challenges in your relationship with James Chart

A basic lack of communication, particularly regarding James’s career decisions. He tends to go against your way of thinking, or you refuse to talk about this subject with him. It may be difficult to communicate.

Your Mercury Opposition His Jupiter (orb: 00 51′)

It’s no secret that you and James can have communication problems. You may find his lack of support for what you say and think unfair and hard to accept. Yet it is a two-way street — often your thoughts and ideas rub him the wrong way too. They are contrary to the way he feels about things, and he finds it difficult to be encouraging at times.

Your Mercury Square His Moon (orb: 00 54′)

You may not like many things about James, and he may feel that you refuse to give him credit or to recognize his values and ideas. He has a way of going on, with or without your approval. There is a kind of stalemate.

Your Venus Square His Sun (orb: 02 28′)

He may feel that you don’t take his ideals seriously enough, and that you discount his more imaginative and creative side. You may feel that he is unrealistic, only fooling himself, and is always getting carried away with one thing or another. There could be deception.

Your Sun Square His Neptune (orb: 04 09′)

He may not appreciate your feelings and emotions, and may not like your moods. You may tend to ignore his values and ideals and take them too lightly. He senses that you may not support his sense of values. There could be a kind of cold war going on.

Your Moon Square His Venus (orb: 04 11′)

You may feel that James may not always appreciate you enough and that he purposely doesn’t give credit where credit is due. You may act and do things that go against his set of values.

Your Sun Square His Venus (orb: 08 35′)

You won’t support what you feel are unrealistic notions and fantasies on his part. His escapism does nothing for you. You feel he should learn to be more down to earth and practical. There can be much disappointment, and possibly deception, with this combination.

Your Moon Square His Neptune (orb: 08 37′)