Online psychic is a story of a personal experience using an online psychic service – tongue in cheek.

Online Psychic – Advice to Trust?

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There are times when  I do not trust my online psychic. Although I have been using a psychic online for several months, and I have yet to make any serious mistakes as a result of her advice, I sometimes get the feeling that she is not really truly listening to me at all. It is almost as if my online psychic is just giving me canned readings sometimes, or just telling me what I want to hear.

Truthfully, I don’t use a live psychic online so much for the accuracy of the reading, but for the feeling that someone is listening to me – someone who I can contact any time I want. But really,  how do I know that she really is a psychic. It is not like I have ever met her face to face.

Nevertheless, my online psychic has given me some good advice, and some of the results have been downright uncanny. When I told her that me and my new girl friend were somewhat on the rocks after I ended my previous relationship and had gotten involved in a new relationship too quickly, she told me that I had trust issues. She said that I would have to learn to let go of my previous relationship.

How would my online psychic know that? It is not like she had seen me and Cara (that is my old girlfriend) dating, and seen how much she meant to me before she crushed my heart – but I digress. I asked my online psychic how she knew this, and she told me that it has to do with my sign. All Leo‘s have trust issues. I am a Leo, in case you have not guessed by now.

It is not easy to pick online psychics. Fortunately for me, I had a friend who had been using the same site I now use for years. She practically swears by her online psychic. But for many people it does not go quite this easily and smoothly. Some people take month and months, if not years, to find the online psychic who really clicks with them, but for me it was a piece of cake. It was practically no work at all, truth be told.  I really do like my online psychic in most respects – I trust her better than my own mother. It is just sometimes I am not sure if she really cares, or even listens to me. Maybe it is the trust issues again.