Past Lives Astrology Reports

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What are Past Lives  Reports

 Past lives astrology reports deal with karma — a universal law which deals with cause and effect. Past Lives is a subject that has been of interest for a many years, and became popular and more widely discussed in the 1930′ s and 1940′s when Edgar Cayce did what was considered amazing  readings for people about their past lives - who they were and things they did.

 Some people have an awareness of how karma is being played out in their lives today, but they want to know more about the phenomenon.  One thing we can be sure of — karma from our past lives is being  played out in this life whether we know it or not. Many of us want to know why we are here on this planet at this time and what are we supposed to accomplish in this lifetime. These past lives astrology reports shed light on these issues. These thorough and insightful past lives reports are the perfect learning tools that we can use today as guides.

What is Karma

past lives imageAll diseases and negative life situations are a result of fear vibrations which we are holding in our mind/body system. What happens is we pick up a fear belief from some event that happens or something someone tells us (often the deepest rooted ones began in childhood, before we had logic, and took on more beliefs as we grew up). A simple fear based observation or idea starts to solidify as karma in our mind body systems the moment we start believing it is true. It doesn’t matter if we want to believe it or not, just that deep down, we do believe it.

Life situations which confirm the fear belief are attracted to it. For example, a fear such as “I get more love when I am sick” or “I have a naturally weak immune system” or “It doesn’t matter what happens to me, nobody cares” can attract disease, which confirm the belief. By the way, when I say “fear” I really mean any and all forms of negativity including sadness, insecurity, anger, guilt, jealousy — they all come from fear. “I don’t have any control over the inner workings of my body. I’m stuck inside of it but I don’t know how to fix something that goes wrong,” is a belief that we are bound by limitations, which is another type of fear belief.

Reincarnation in the Spotlight

Reincarnation is the belief that we go through a series of lifetimes in order to grow spiritually and further develop our souls. If we ignore or refuse to accomplish the growth we were put on the planet for this lifetime, we will have to go through the lessons again in the next lifetime and even the one after that, if necessary. Lives will be repeated until we learn the intended  lessens.

The Past Lives Astrology Report Includes:

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The Passport Section interprets your Past Life Ascendant, plus the Sun, Moon & Nodes of the Moon in their signs and past life houses.
The Quest Section interprets your placements of Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter in their signs and past life houses.
The Journey Section interprets your placements of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto by sign and past life houses.
The Footnotes,Section interprets your planetary aspects, signs on each house cusp and even retrograde planets, if you had one or more at birth.

The report is about 25 pages in length.

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