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Natal Wheels, otherwise known as signs of the zodiac and horoscopes, show at a glance the placement of the astrological houses, planets and zodiac signs in the houses at our moments of birth. These astrology wheels are unique to each person as to the date, time and place of birth, and are the basis for all astrological reports and predictions.

Detailed Information Found in Horoscopes
The rising sign, or ascendant, appears approximately in the 9′o’clock position in the natal chart. This is the zodiac sign in the horoscope that describes our personality and how the world sees us.

The descendant in the wheel is 180 degrees from the ascendant on the cusp of the seventh house. It will show our general attitude to those in close contact with us. The descendant illustrates our relationships with others – what we seek from them, give to them, and receive from them.

The midheaven is upper most point in the chart — the sun having reached its highest altitude above the horizon at this point. The midheaven indicates our ambitions, aspirations and goals.

The aspects, or angles between planets, are shown in the natal horoscope. Included are conjunction, opposition, trine, square, quintile, sextile, septile as well as unaspected planets.

The horoscope legends give details about the glyphs, names and degrees of aspects, modalities, elements, day of the year, stage of the moon, planetary hour, and asteroids.

Free Natal Horoscope Given With Each Order
Horoscopes, which are also known as natal wheels,  are free with all of the reports ordered. If there is a specific horoscope you want, just email me to let me know.