Scorpio Horoscope Personality Traits

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October 23 – November 22

Ruling Planets – Mars and Pluto

Element – Water

Ruling Symbol – Scorpion

Gem Stone – Topaz and Turmaline

Flower – Honeysuckle

Ruling Phrase – I Desire

Scorpio horoscope is a negative, fixed, water sign ruled by the Planets Mars and Pluto.  Mars symbolizes will power and combative strength, while Pluto denotes the secretive side of this sun sign.

Scorpio personalities are very bold and recognize no fear in their being. They are enterprising, confident and self-controlled and ready and able to take action to reach any objective the have in mind. Mars, their ruling planet, provides them the power and drive which they use to their best advantage to overcome all adversities that come  their way.

The most powerful of the zodiac signs, Scorpios are known for being shrewd, analytical and scheming. This person will do practically anything to achieve a desired end, no matter how unscrupulous it might be. They love power and are intolerant and unforgiving.

On the positive side, those with this horoscope are patient, dependable, goal oriented and have an extraordinary devotion to those they love.

Scorpio’s intensity can be overwhelming and demanding. Their negative characteristics show them to be revengeful and manipulative. This sun sign is not diplomatic at all. They get right to the point, and stand by their own methods -no matter what else is in the offering..

To get along with someone with this horoscope sign’s demanding and domineering personality, be prepared and look closely before engaging intimately with Scorpio.

Scorpio Most Compatible  - Scorpio is most compatible with  Pisces and Cancer

Parts of Body Ruled by Scorpiourino-genital organs, prostate, bladder, colon

Scorpio Desirable Personality Traits - energy, action, devotion, ambition, positive, tenacious, thoughtful, optimism

   Scorpio  Undesirable Personality Traits - judgmental, manipulator, scorpion, destroyer, callous, suspicious, destructive


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