Sagittarius Horoscope Personality Traits

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Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Element – Fire

Ruling Symbol – Archer

Gem Stone – Turquoise, Amethyst, Garnet

Flower – Climbing Flowers

Ruling Phrase – I See

Sagittarius horoscope is a positive, mutable fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter and is symbolized by the archer. Sagittarius has a deep love of learning, meeting new cultures, making friends and searching for meaning. They are the travelers of the zodiac. Being of an expansive personality, those with this horoscope adapt easily to new surroundings.

Sagittarius make good business partners as they possess a way with words and are known to be honest.  They have visions that can be put to practical use. But, this person is not one who feels comfortable dealing with petty details.

Those with this sun sign in their horoscope are warm, open and spontaneous. They have a sense of humor and wit. They are optimistic. Sagittarius like people and people like them, though they are not apt to form deep attachments.

If you are looking for someone who is outgoing, sociable – someone to talk to and share with, Sagittarians are the perfect sun sign for you. But, if you are seeking depth and closeness, look further than those with this horoscope or you will be sadly disappointed.

Sagittarius Compatibility - Sagittarius are most compatible with Aries and Leo

Parts of Body Ruled by Sagittariusthighs, hips, sacro-illiac region

Sagittarius Desirable Personality traits - sincere, honest, dependable, free spirit, philosopher, explorer, optimist

Sagittarius Undesirable Personality Traits: rash, over-confident, blunt, aggressive, defiant,  unwilling to compromise


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