Pisces Horoscope Personality Traits

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Pisces - February 19 – March 20

Ruling Planet – Neptune and Jupiter

Element – Water

Ruling Symbol – Fishes

Gem Stone – Amethyst

Flower – Lotus and Tuber Rose

Ruling Phrase – I Believe

Pisces horoscope is the negative, mutable, water sign ruled by the Planets Neptune, the god and the sea, and Jupiter. It is symbolized by The Fishes. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.

This horoscope sun sign is self-sacrificing, compassionate and identifies emotionally with suffering of others. Pisces are intuitive, psychic and think and feel deeply. They can also be indecisive, vague and impressionable.

Those with Pisces as their sun sign do not work well under pressure. But when given enough time, their decisions turn out to be the right decisions at the right time. Pisceans prefer working in the background.

People with this horoscope are tolerant to a fault and prone to forgive failures of others.

Pisces are able to adapt to change easily. They make excellent friends. In relationships, they are loyal and generous. They ten toward melancholy.

Pisceans envy the good life and would easily be enthralled with the glamour of a situation, causing a loss of reality. This person is self-indulgent, easily swayed by physical comforts and beautiful, harmonious surroundings.

Pisces CompatibilityPisces is most compatible with Cancer and Scorpio

Parts of Body Ruled by PiscesFeet

 Pisces Desirable Personality Traitsidealist, visionary, inspiration, purity, order, peace, refinement

Pisces  Undesirable Personality Traitsnegativism, submissive, critical, drifter, brooder, sponge, parasite, self-pity

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