Libra Horoscope Personality Traits

libra horoscope image

September 23 – October 22

Ruling Planet-Venus

Element – Air

Gemstone- Peridot

Symbol – Scales

Flower – Pink Rose

Ruling Phrase -I Balance

Libra Horoscope is the cardinal, air sign ruled by the Planet Venus. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony. Those born under this sun sign are idealistic and need a balance in all things. People born with the Libra horoscope often go to great lengths to achieve justice and equality which they value above all else.

Libra is the most easy going sign of the zodiac, and those in this sun sign seek admiration from others. They are generally conservative. They want to get along with others and will not try to dominate. In disagreements, the person under the Libra horoscope will probably use gentle persuasion to make his point of view understood.

Those with the Libra sun sign need harmony in their environment as well as in relationships. They tend to show genuine interest in other people and have the gift of making others feel important.

The Libra horoscope person appreciates the give and take in relationships. They have a need for fairness and agreement at all times which can make them indecisive.  This trait can show up in their need to see many points of view from all angles. Libras cannot easily make up their minds and stick with it.

Libra  Compatibility - Libra  is Most Compatible with Aquarius and Gemini

Parts of Body Ruled by Libra Horoscope - Kidneys

Most Desirable Libra  Personality Traitsaccommodating, mediator, charmer, evaluator, elegant, thoughtful, affectionate

Most Undesirable Libra Personality Traitsindecisive, reckless, susceptible, careless, uncertainty, extremism




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