Cancer Horoscope Personality Traits

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Cancer – June 21 – July 22

Ruling Planet – Moon

Element – Water Phrase

Symbol – Crab

Gem Stone – Pearl, Moonstone

Flower – Lily of the Valley

Phrase – I Feel


The Cancer horoscope is a cardinal, water sign ruled by the moon. It is the fourth zodiac sign, and the sun enters it  around the 21st of June.  Those born under this sign can be very emotional and are often quite moody. One moment they are affectionate and happy, but the next can find them introspective and sulky.

Cancers are always wary and cautious.  They also tend to be intuitive and sensitive to those around them making it hard for anyone to deceive them.

Cancer’s perspective centers around feelings rather than things, thoughts or actual doing. People with this sun sign are happiest when they are with love ones which gives them the feeling of warmth and security.

Those born under this sun sign love home above all else. They are loving, devoted and protective of the ones they love. So much so, in fact, that anyone born with cancer horoscope qualities may appear – and sometimes are – smothering.  Home is the perfect protective refuge for this moody, sensitive person.

The person with the cancer sun sign has energy within that needs to nurture above all. Whether male or female, they are the perfect mother type. Although it may seem to be a contradiction,  they also make terrific business managers who are really efficient when handling the ins and outs confronted in the average work force.

Cancers are intuitive and sensitive. Rather than facing trouble or problems head on, the Cancer  personality would rather skirt an issue altogether or approach it from an angle. Remember the crab who even walks sideways rather than face its destination head on.

Although persons born with the cancer horoscope may appear self possessed and very much in control, in reality, they are most likely shy and lack confidence in themselves.

Cancer Horoscope Compatibility – Cancers are most compatible with Scorpio and Pisces

Parts of Body Ruled by Cancer Horoscope – Breast and stomach

Words That Best Describe Cancer Desirable Traitsprotective, sensitive,  caring, understanding,  intuitive

Words That Best Describe Cancer Horoscope Undesirable Traits - clinger, ostrich, psychic, emotional, grasping, untruthful, resentful


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