Aries Horoscope  Personality Traits

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March 21 – April 20

Ruling Planet – Mars

Element – Fire

Symbol – Ram

Gemstone – Diamond, Bloodstone

Flower – Rose

Defining Phase: I Am

Aries Horoscope  General Personality

Those with  Aries horoscopes are the innovators, the people with the ideas and the energy.  This person is known for being the starter in most any situation.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and since it begins in the Spring of the year it is known as the “sign of new beginnings”. Aries are the pioneers of our lives. Ruled by the planet Mars the god of war, Aries  is daring, impulsive and must be first above all – no one is tolerated to come before the Aries, in his way of thinking.  They will not stand for being restricted in any way.

The person with the Aries horoscope will set many, many  different goals, delve into the basics of a lot of things, but can quickly lose interest and move on. People with the Aries sun sign will begin a million projects with the greatest of enthusiasm and intentions, but be warned – he will not complete any!!

Aries are the dreamers, but they seldom are known to be doers. But, if you are ever in trouble, the person with the Aries sun sign is the one you would want in your corner to come to the rescue. Because this person born under the sign of Aries is aggressive, loves challenges and believes in himself and his abilities to be victorious in any situation, he makes the perfect helpmate to solve short term problems.

People with the Aries sun sign must have their freedom to pursue their own interests!!  This they will do diligently until the novelty wears off.

Parts of Body Ruled by AriesAries rules the upper head and eyes
Aries Compatibilitymost compatible with Leo and Sagittarius
Desirable  Aries Personality Traitsambitious, leader, industrious, generous, enterprising, pioneer
Undesirable  Aries Traits- headstrong, selfish, impatient, aggressor, confrontational, fighter


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