Aquarius Horoscope Personality Traits

aquarius horoscope


 January 20 – February 18

Ruling Planet – Uranus and Saturn

Element - Air

Ruling Symbol – Water Bearer

Gem Stone – Sapphire and Amber

Flower – White Orchid and White Lilac

Defining Phrase - I Know

Aquarius is the positive, fixed air sign ruled the the Planets Uranus and Saturn. The person under an Aquarius horoscope is intellectual, visionary, independent and idealistic. They are unpredictable and can even be thought of as eccentric. They will not compromise their values, and they do seem to have an unusual approach to life.

Although Aquarius outwardly appears detached, they are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They have a strong faith in ideals and will challenge the status quo. As a business person, those with this horoscope’s insights usually prove beneficial to any system. They are great at mediating differences and alleviating frictions.  Aquarians have the ability to look at all angles before acting.

Aquarius are stubborn and once they make up their minds, they will rarely change. They are friendly, get along well with others though in an impersonal, stand-offish way. This sun sign would choose to talk over a problem to reach an amicable solution rather than rant or display anger.

In dealing with this horoscope sun sign, your independence will be respected. They in turn expect the same consideration.

Aquarius Compatibility – Aquarius is most compatible with Gemini and Libra

Parts of Body Ruled by Aquarius - Ankles and circulatory system

Characteristics That Best Describe This Personality:

     Desirable:  humanitarian, reformer, inventor, intellectual, visionary, sincerity, sociable

     Undesirable: rebel, misfit, non-conformer, radical, fanatic, extremist


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