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Daily horoscopes are forecasts that tell you where you are right now. Events and significant days are highlighted and outlined.

When you follow your horoscope on a day by day basis, you know exactly where your energy is, the best ways it should be used and what to be cautious about.  Topics  included are  transits, progressions, directions, ingresses and eclipses.

Transits in your horoscope compare where the planets are now with where they were when you were born. 

Progressions measure the motions of planets against the zodiac during the early part of life using an equation that one day or one month equals one year in your life. 

Directions look at what happens within a day, according to an equation that one degree of diurnal motion equals one day in your life.

Ingresses are the entrance of the sun, moon or any planet into a house or sign of the zodiac with resulting alteration of its influence.

 Horoscope Eclipses involve the two most influential celestial bodies in their strongest aspects, creating the single most measurable radical change to the earth’s magnetic field. Eclipse points in the natal chart bring about crisis situations involving the house in which they appear and any planets which aspect them – the closer the aspect, the more pronounced the effect.

All horoscope reports are individualized and calculated specifically for you based on your birth time, date and place.

As we continue to progress through the information age, you will find there are many, many others who are using astrology and astrological horoscopes to better understand what is happening in their lives, and how to cope with it. What will tomorrow bring? As you consult your horoscope every day, you will have some of the answers.

See sample daily horoscope report.

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Ordering Daily Horoscopes

Your Horoscope Report will usually be Emailed to you within 24-36 hours once we have all your confirmed information, sometimes the turn around time is even quicker.  After placing your order, you will be taken to a page to complete your birth information.

Note: Since daily horoscope reports (also known as timeline reports and future forecast reports) are given free with most other reports on this site, check carefully to be sure you are getting the best deal for yourself before you order a daily horoscope report here.


Emailed Reports

Daily Horoscope Report 1 – $5.99 -
a one month daily horoscope report
a natal wheel
a one month biorhythm report

Daily Horoscope Report 3 – 10.99
a three month daily horoscope report
a natal wheel
a three  month biorhythm report

Daily Horoscope Report 6 – 16.99
a three month daily horoscope report
a natal wheel
a six month biorhythm report

Daily Horoscope Report 12- 24.99
a three month daily horoscope report
a natal wheel
a twelve month biorhythm report


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