Read this article to get a better understanding of biorhythms, what  are they and why are they important. Their cycles give clues to many of the actions and the way you feel from time to time.

Understanding Biorhythms – What Are They?

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According to theories based on research, all human activity passes through biorhythms or cycles which begin at birth and range from high periods to low ones. The time in this process at which the cycles transfers from “positive” to “negative” (or vice-versa)is known as a “critical point.” It is a time of instability when a person’s faculties – physical, emotional or intellectual — are reversing polarity. Research has revealed there is a greater tendency for accidents and mistakes during these periods.

The four natural biorhythmic cycles influencing our daily life are:

-a 23-Day Physical Cycle
  -a 28 Day Emotional Cycle
      -a 33 Day Intellectual Cycle
-a 38 Day Intuition Cycle

Studies have further shown that during these are critical times when we need to be more careful and watchful since there is a greater chance for accidents and mistakes in general.

When two or sometimes even three cycles coincide as they cross the polarity line which is the horizontal line that runs through the chart, one should use the greatest caution and care.

On the other hand, as the sine waves rise together into the positive phase, the feelings of confidence and boldness come into play with a sense of clarity and purpose in all that we do.

About the Cycles depicted in the Biorhythm Graphs
The four biorhythmic cycles begin at birth and continue faithfully throughout our lives. They are the same for everyone, only differing in their starting point in time. Each cycle rises up from the zero axis into the high phase until it reaches its peak point and then starts to fall back to zero. It then continues into the waning, lower phase, again reaching the outermost sine wave position before returning to the zero axis and repeating its upward climb.

Physical Cycle
This cycle controls the physical aspect of the body and relates to our energy levels - our resistance and stamina. During the positive half we feel at our best, ready to handle tasks calling for strength and endurance.

Intellectual Cycle
This cycle, which begins in the brain, encompasses your mental acuity. During the positive half, the mental processes are ready and capable of handling most tasks we face. We don’t have feelings of defensiveness or lack when taking part in new tasks or ideas, but are instead open and responsive.On Critical Intellectual days we will likely make questionable judgments, and may have difficulty in just making decisions or remembering things.

Emotional Cycle
The emotional cycle is probably the easiest to recognize. When we feel in high spirits – full of warmth, exuberance, love toward others and all that we contact, we have most likely entered an emotional high period. The emotional cycle is most closely related to your nervous system.

Intuitive Cycle
The fourth biorhythmic cycle is the intuitive cycle, and it is the one that is least understood. This cycle relates to our psychic senses, in other words, our ability to tap into and work from our “sixth sense” otherwise known as our cosmic consciousness. During this period, we are likely to successfully play hunches, or answer a question before it is asked it’s likely you are heading into or away from the peak of an intuitive cycle.


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