There are twelve astrology houses in the zodiac. Each is ruled by a planet and represents a pattern of growth and development in a person’s   life experience.


The Twelve Astrology Houses

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First Astrology House 

 Sign:  Aries
Co-Rulers:   Mars and Pluto
Key Phrase:   “I am”

The First Astrology House is called the Ascendant. The sign of the Zodiac on its cusp is called the rising sign. It represents the individual’s basic point of reference toward life, his self-awareness, how his experiences are assimilated and how he responds to outside stimuli.

Second Astrology House

Sign:   Taurus
Ruler:  Venus
Key Phrase:   “I have”

The Second Astrology House deals with material resources, and the ability to earn money in order to acquire material possessions which are needed or felt they are needed. It is through experiences in this astrological house we learn we must not selfishly use wealth for our own personal gratification but use it for helping others who will in turn contribute to advancing civilization.

Third Astrology House

Sign:  Gemini
Ruler:  Mercury
Key Phrase:  “I think”

The Third House of the zodiac represents the development of accurate and logical practical reasoning which is essential to all higher mental and spiritual development.

Fourth Astrology House 

Sign:  Cancer
Ruler:  Moon
Key Phrase:  “I feel”

The Fourth Astrology House in the wheel rules the domestic scenes. It rules homes, food, laundry and household items. On a broader level, our home can be those mental and emotional conditions within which we have come to feel comfortable.

Fifth Astrology House

Sign:  Leo
Ruler:  Sun
Key Phrase: “I will”

The Fifth Astrology House is the horoscope house of creative expression, especially the performing arts, as well as love affairs, pleasures and places of amusement, and social entertainment. It also pertains to children and early education, sports and all functions whether social or otherwise where one seeks creative self-expression and social popularity.

Sixth Astrology House

Sign:  Virgo
Ruler:   Mercury
Key Phrase:  “I analyze”

The Sixth Astrology House concerns the hard work necessary to bring to fruition that which was creatively envisioned in the Fifth House. In this house, one must learn to forgo the large stage and spotlight in order to learn the intricate details and tasks necessary for human life.

Seventh Astrology House

Sign:  Libra
Ruler:  Venus
Key Phrase:  “I weigh”

This Astrology house concerns all direct close personal relationships with others and reveals the nature of other people’s reactions to our actions. It rules marriage partnerships, close personal friendships and contact with the public. The Seventh Astrological House is closely related to the workings of karma, the laws of compensation, as it affects individuals.

Eighth Astrology House

Sign:  Scorpio
Co-Rulers:  Mars and Pluto
Key Phrase:  “I desire”

The Eighth House in the zodiac wheel is the house of joint resources. It deals with corporate money, inherited money or property, insurance and taxes. It also deals with the dissolution of material structures back into energy.

Ninth Astrology House

Sign:  Sagittarius
Co-Rulers:  Jupiter and Neptune
Key Phrase:  “I seek”

The Ninth Astrology House rules all institutions in which the social concepts developed in the course of civilization are embodied and taught. Also, the Ninth House deals with the knowledge gained through long-distance travel.

Tenth Astrology House

Sign:  Capricorn
Ruler:  Saturn
Key Phrase: ” I use”

The Tenth House deals with the individual’s base of perception with respect to society. It deals with the carrying out of one’s responsibilities before the world and concerns professional and public reputation, honor or dishonor, career, and one’s relationship to political and business power structures.

Eleventh Astrology House

Sign:  Aquarius
Co-Rulers:   Uranus and Saturn
Key Phrase:   “I solve”

The Eleventh Astrology House is concerned with group creative expression. It deals with friendships and humanitarian endeavors and makes possible freedom of mental expression for the individual.

Twelfth Astrology House

Sign:  Pisces

Co-Rulers:  Neptune and Jupiter

Key Phrase:  “I perceive”

The Twelfth Astrology House of the zodiac deals with psychological health in relation to others, as well as the health and growth of society as a whole. This house show a great deal about characteristic emotional responses and habit patterns. The Twelfth Astrology House rules the subconscious mind–the accumulation of unconscious memories and emotional experiences and attitudes.