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Astrology for Children – Babies, Kids, Teens

My friend had had  a Child*Star’s astrology for children report  done for her daughter, and she and I were amazed at how accurate it was. Since her child is grown now with a family of her own, we were able to look back and really analyze how things have turned out.

 Her daughter’s chart which was cast years ago indicated a talent in writing. She and her husband had as parents recognized and encouraged this skill in every way they knew how. From the time she was five or six, they, as well as her teachers, were more than impressed with her writing ability.

She turned out to be quite an accomplished writer who has had her works published. Her chart also indicated aspects showing an unusual interest and possibly a career having to do with spirituality. She nor her parents were even aware of this interest. But this also has also come to pass — very much everyone’s their surprise. In fact, my friend’s daughter has spent most of her life pursuing her spiritual quests.

 I really recommend this astrology report for parents with children of any age. One uncle loved these reports so much he’s gotten one each time someone in the family had a baby. He emailed to let me know how much everybody loves them, and looks  forward to getting them.

Parents have told me that they have kept a copy of their child astrology report handy and referred to it from the time the child was small through the pre-teen years and plan to use it far into the teenage years. A parent wrote to tell me that her child’s report was the most dog-eared child development book in the house.

One of the really beautiful things about this report is that both an astrologer and a child psychologist worked on it, so it has input from two different kinds of expertise.

Parenthood is not a chore. It should be a time of enjoyment for both parents and children. Children need to grow up having fun and feeling love which help them develop positive traits in the best possible ways.

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 On the other hand, patterns that might be considered negative can be changed or re-directed. I remember my friend’s daughter, who I mentioned before, was very shy and sensitive as a child. Her parents never stressed out about this, but were very nurturing. I believe that it is important for parents to believe in themselves and explore their own options. I feel that this child’s sensitivity trait and the way her parents handled it probably have a part in her success as a spiritual teacher.

The astrology report for children is very easy to understand, and does not try to give parents hard and fast rules set in stone that must be followed in raising children. I loved the fact that the report emphasizes that it is meant to confirm a parent’s inner guide not replace it.

When you get this Child*Star Astrology report, you get a whole little book about your child’s inner self. This children’s astrology report averages between 30 – 35 pages in length. There is an additional special section explaining all the astrological terms used in the report.

Your report will be emailed to you within 24-36 hours once all of your information is confirmed. There are times when the turn around time is even faster.

See a sample astrology for children report here.

Ordering Your Astrology Report for Children

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NOTE:  After placing your order, you will be taken to a page to complete your birth information. Complete the form for 1 person (the child) and  1 or 2  other people if you are ordering the astrology report for the child as well as a synastry (relationship) horoscope.


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