This article Diana Look Back is about the warnings in the astrological planet formations doing the period surrounding the tragic, untimely death of Princess Diana. To this author, Princess Diana had the typical, positive attributes of Aquarius.

Princess Diana: A Look Back

by Eileen Grimes

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The night of Diana’s death is one that most of us will remember for a long time; where we were and what we were doing at the time the news announced her passing. Astrologers were busy calculating all the measurements and trying to figure out just what might have been the transit that, had it been seen before, could have forewarned us and her of her upcoming passing.

Tabloids the week prior to her death were warning of imminent doom if Diana was to continue with Dodi Al-Fayed; People had just done a cover story about the two. The blame was assessed and assigned almost immediately: the tabloid’s “stalkerazzi” at first being blamed for her death, then the chauffeur who was legally intoxicated. Our senses were inundated by the images and the stories of this event, probably more than what we really needed to know.

And yes, indeed, the astrology was interesting: a solar eclipse was occurring the very next day, which was strategically around the midpoint of Diana’s Mars/Pluto conjunction. And various other astrological connections: A transit by Uranus, Saturn, and some Pluto influence too in Diana’s birth chart. All were points of concern; in hindsight we can see it now. A cosmic warning of some kind of a possible cataclysmic occurrence about to happen.

The most important issue was that we lost a woman that was a cultural icon of our time; she in effect, came to represent a part of us that we all probably would wish to attain: the need to be of use and service to others, and doing so, even in the face of overwhelming personal adversity. She was in the process of shedding her past; shedding the royal stigma, and was actively seeking to better her existence in life.

She was in need of a loving partner, and at the same time she needed autonomy – to be her own person – truly a dichotomy within her own soul to live out.

She was, and always will be, a symbol of the upcoming age of Aquarius. She did what no one else could she came up against one of the oldest, most powerful families in the world, and decided that she wasn’t about to submit to age-old expectations of the monarchy. Even after her marriage was irrevocably broken, she decided she was going to move on and find a purpose in her life that would sustain her, and give her meaning.

The nature of the Aquarian age will be, as we’ve been seeing so far, full of examples of the meeting of collective minds, images of individuals caring for others, and human concerns about the environment and man’s inhumanity to itself.

Diana was and is representative of that consciousness; she has been a powerful mirror to all of us to see those aspects in ourselves. A woman of regal bearing and breeding, instead of being caught up in those trappings, is out in the middle of a mine field, visiting children that have been victims of these land mines.

An extraordinary woman, with a heart of everyman and everywoman. She bore the pain of all of us, and lived it out for all of us to see. Heraquarius image personal journey into her own private hell became public knowledge, and later public awareness of those issues she went through.

We have her to thank for what we are now seeing in ourselves; the need to somehow get beyond our own individual conundrums and start assisting those around us. It seems like our role models and icons in life seem to be here for such a short time – their messages seemingly only take a moment of time. As fast as they are here, they are gone. This seems to be Uranus at work; our conscious minds shift dramatically in a blinking of an eye, usually from a symbol or person that is representative of that energy. Diana was that representative, of the next phase in the human journey.

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