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As you know, you can find many, many articles of interest on the internet which is a great source for anyone looking for information. As we come across interesting, informative articles about astrology that we feel are appropriate, we will republish them on the Astrology by Star*Charts web site here in our Astrology Articles Archive.

Below you will find new articles that have recently been published on our web site.  If you have an article or editorial you feel would be appropriate, please contact us.

 The Astrology of Relationships - Analysis and Advice
Astrological analysis and advice for relationships focusing on the dynamics and interactions of astrology planets, houses and sun signs.  Astrology is an important tool to use whether you are already in a relationship or considering entering a new one.

The Astrology of Intimacy
Article by Jeff Jawer, an astrologer, who discusses astrology, planets in signs, signs of the zodiac, and living together in intimate, loving relationships.  This is an extremely interesting and detailed analysis.

Diana, A Look Back
Article by Eileen Grimes discussing Princess Diana and the details of the circumstances surrounding her untimely death, and the astrological interpretations, planets and planetary influences.

An Astrological Analysis of Relationships
Article by Jacquie Smith discussing and analyzing love, marriage and relationships.

Twelfth House – All About Zodiac’s 12th House
Article discussing characteristics of the Twelfth House,  and those born under its influence. This if the house of dreams and imagination where we become aware of our subconscious.

What Is Astrology
Discussing the meaning of Astrology in the 21st century, not withstanding this era of science and technology. Personal and spiritual insights.

Breaking Habits By Zodiac Sign
This is an especially interesting and readable article discussing breaking and changing habits according to each zodiac sign.  The characteristics and attributes of each sign are detailed.

Frequently Asked Questions – Astrology Information
Astrology information concerning some of the most  frequently asked questions about astrology, zodiac, cusps, personality differences, astrologers, interpretation, sun sign meaning, charts, horoscopes, zodiac, sun, sky.

Why Time Is So Important
Discussion of the importance of time in calculating an astrology chart. Also, offers information about ascendants,the zodiac and astrological houses and planets

Mars In Survival Mode – Finalists in Television Show
Astrological birth chart interpretations of four finalists from television show “Survival” discussed by Marybeth Beechen.  Her analysis includes information about the final contestants’ planets and houses and how their birth placements played a role in their personalities in the outcome of the game.

The Lunar Stress Cycle and Your Emotions
Article by Laurance Pearsongreer discussing moon, lunar, cycles and the effects they have on stress in our lifetimes.

Astrology Signs
Astrology signs – If you are driven to obsessively follow astrology signs and check your horoscope every day, you will appreciate this article.

Astrology MatchingTruth or Pseudoscience
The field of astrology matching is so interesting as well as helpful, despite the fact that the field of astrology is challenged so often and accused of not being a “real” science.

Birth Charts – Personal Destiny Messengers
While many are familiar with horoscopes and birth signs, the more complicated side of astrology astrology birth charts is often ignored.