About Us


My name is Shirley Peel, and I have been on the internet providing Star*Charts astrology charts and reports for more than 12 years. I am not an astrologer, but my interest in astrology as a divination tool spans many, many years, and I have been very happy to  provide Star*Charts Astrology readings and horoscopes online.

Star*Charts was founded by a business professional and president of two successful international corporations who had used astrology as a personal and corporate tool for many years. His personal interest in the benefits of this science made him aware of the incredible demand for real and accurate information.

He found that true astrology was not readily available or affordable, although there was a tremendous demand. This led to a collaboration with a leading professional astrologer with over a quarter of a century experience as a teacher, lecturer and counselor on the subject. This esteemed astrologer is internationally acclaimed for the advancement of astrological studies and in the field of developing computer software systems to assist professional astrologers in their chart calculations, which enables them to save time and money.

The founder of Star*Charts saw how this software could be enhanced to provide a detailed explanation of the calculations so that anyone could provide and understand information that previously could only benefit professionals.

Eventually, software was designed exclusively for Star*Charts. The programs were the collaboration of over 150 astrologers and 12 years of work. They produced the most complete and comprehensive astrological charts and reports available.
This Star*Charts founder succeeded in making his dream of affordable astrology being available to all.

Feel free to contact me at astrostarcharts@astrostarcharts.com